Decorating with Yellow

Yellow is a sunny, cheerful hue and is one of the most visible colors in the spectrum. Wonder why smiley emojis are yellow? It also stimulates memory, appetite and mental processes. Because of its lively aura, it can be a scary paint color or even accent color of choice. But the great … Read more

Best Paint Colors for Kitchens

As you can be confronted with seemingly endless options for paint colors and shades, the process of choosing paint colors can be time-consuming. The good thing is there are colors that are approved by the pros to work great in specific rooms. For the kitchen, here are the colors that can really … Read more

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Tired of your usual Christmas decorations? Yes, you got your Christmas tree by the corner, a wreath on the front door, socks on the fireplace mantel and some garlands all over the place, but are you using the same Christmas décor over and over again every year? You need to spruce up … Read more

Victorian Style Decorating for Your Home

For the modern home lover, the Victorian style might seem impractical, excessive and outdated. But some people aren’t fans of the sleek, minimalistic, bright and airy interiors that the modern and contemporary homes offer. If you still love the cozy, romantic and opulent effect of the Victorian style, there’s no reason not … Read more

Window Treatments for Colonial-Style Homes

Windows for colonial style homes are traditional, simple and practical. This style originated during the 1600s when settlers relocated to the country and built homes with symmetrical floor plans. Of course, their windows are symmetrically placed, and typically have front-facing gables. It has a familiar, classic look that brings you a glimpse … Read more

Decorating a Hallway

People are usually excited and pumped about decorating bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas and the other basic parts of the house. But how often do they think of the hallways? These places are always neglected, decoration-wise. This transitional area of the house also deserves to be stunning, because after all, it’s usually … Read more

Arts and Crafts Style Decorating for Your Home

The Arts and Crafts interior design movement had an organic, wholesome and serene appeal. It brought back natural beauty and traditional craftsmanship into interior design – which was lost during the abundance of factory-produced furnishings, and the fussy and overwrought style of the Victorian era. This design movement originated in England during … Read more

Tuscan Style Decorating for Your Home

When you think about Italian villas, perhaps you would imagine a warm, natural and peaceful atmosphere. While there are beautiful hills and plantations outside; the homes are airy, and the colors and architectural features are inspired by nature. If you like the feeling of vitality and warmth of the Italian countryside, then … Read more