Decorating with Yellow

Yellow is a sunny, cheerful hue and is one of the most visible colors in the spectrum. Wonder why smiley emojis are yellow? It also stimulates memory, appetite and mental processes. Because of its lively aura, it can be a scary paint color or even accent color of choice. But the great thing about yellow is it comes in different hues: bright and muted, pure and subdued – so you can effectively use it for every room. Here’s how you can decorate your home with yellow:

1. Add cheerful accents

1. Add cheerful accents

Pops of yellow bring fun to any room. If you don’t want to use yellows as your main room color, add it as accents. Bold yellow colors can be brought to any room using pillows, rugs, graphic artworks, flower vases and more. Go with yellow accents if your room is neutral (especially gray, white or black), of a complementary color (such as blues), and an eclectic mix of colors.

2. Paint furniture with yellow

Furniture pieces like dressers and armoire are often colored in brown, especially if it’s made of wood, or black and white. Why not paint a piece with yellow for a change? Start with your nightstand or cabinet on your bedroom, and if you love it, try it for your cupboards as well. It adds a happy vibe to your rooms, whether it’s of a complementary or modern style, eclectic, shabby chic and more.

3. Make a statement with a yellow couch

In a living room, placing a bright yellow couch would make a huge statement. Go with vintage velvet, or simply reupholster your existing sofa with a yummy yellow fabric. It will definitely attract attention and lute guests to come and sit. But if you don’t want to commit to a yellow couch, you can add a yellow accent chair to add character and drama.

4. Use yellow artistically for your nursery

Yellow is the most common pick for parents who prefer a gender-neutral nursery, or simply for anyone who wants to break away from the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys. But instead of painting a whole wall with yellow and adding murals or decals on it, make it look more elegant and unique with bold yellow stripes on the wall. Or, you can paint the ceiling yellow instead, and make a white accent wall with small red polka dots, and pair it with a soft yellow drapery on the window.

5. Paint your front and/or back door with yellow

Make your door stand out from the other doors of your neighborhood by painting it with a soft, bright or sunny yellow. To make it pop, use black or dark blue for the trim, so the yellow door will surely shine.

6. Use yellow as an accent wall

A creamy shade of yellow lends a calm and plain vibe that is not too lively or overpowering. If you have a gallery wall or an accent wall where you display your collection of photos and artworks, use creamy yellow – it’s a perfect backdrop.

7. Install patterned yellow wallpaper

A yellow patterned wallpaper creates an unforgettable and dramatic focal point. You can use a bold yellow hue and accessorize the room with bright and chic furniture and accessories if you’re going for a youthful and vibrant vibe. Use a muted yellow for an accent wall and surround with a buttery hue and pair it with dark wood, beige and ivory furnishings for a restful look.

8. Place a patterned yellow rug

For rooms with a clean and modern aesthetic, a bold, yellow geometric area rug can be the perfect accessory to inject pattern to the otherwise simple and bland room. It adds just the right amount of pop, and the geometric pattern will not feel out of place with the room’s style.

9. Paint a simple, open shelf with bright yellow

On open shelving or a bookcase placed against a white wall, painting the unit with a playful color like yellow adds visual appeal that brightens up the space. Your storage will look like it’s on display in itself.

10. Know how to pick the right kind of yellow and when to use it for walls

  • Yellow as a neutral. Yellow technically isn’t a neutral in the sense as black, white, gray or brown is – but it can give a feel of a neutral color when it’s in a muted shade. A creamy white with yellow undertones, a light yellow wall with brown undertones, and subdued golden yellows can work as a neutral color.
  • Soft or pale yellow. If you have a small space, paint the walls with light, soft yellows to warm up and visually expand the space without being too overwhelming.
  • Lemon yellow. The cheerful color of lemon yellow suits an inviting kitchen. Combine it with white cabinets, countertops, and a black-and-white checkerboard flooring for a basic yet stylish look.
  • Sunny yellow. There’s no better color to accent a sunroom than using a sunny yellow wall. Expect for a sunny aura even on cloudy and winter days with this hue as a paint color.
  • Saffron yellow. Saffron yellow brings depth and adds a rich and golden look, making it a perfect color of choice if you want to make a room look elegant and luxurious.
  • Banana yellow. Warm, tropical yellows like this hue complement warm and neutral furnishings like a brown leather sofa and a dark brown dresser.
  • Acid yellow. Make a statement with acid yellow, but only use saturated tones so as not to make an eyesore. Pair it with subdued blues and greens, or better yet – black and white –to temper its intensity.
  • Orange yellow. If you want a yellow shade that has a bit of a kick, use yellows with orange undertones. It makes a delicious color of choice, like those yellow-orange colors similar to the color of melon.
  • Pastel yellow. Pastel yellow is a playful shade that complements other pastel shades like pink, peach, blue and green. It surely looks youthful, but if you want to add a grownup air to the room, pair with dark brown accents using your furniture.
  • Dandelion yellow. If your child loves bright colors, dandelion yellow is a great choice for the walls of his/her bedroom. Accent the room with vibrant pink, sky blue, navy blue, lime green and peach for a creative, happy room.
  • Peachy yellow. Yellows with a tinge of red and orange serve as a more muted and feminine alternative to pure yellow. This color is great to use for dining rooms and living areas. The hue is like sand on a beach, so seaside and rustic furniture and accessories will suit this color just right.
  • Rich yellow.  Rich yellow is a bold color of choice, perfect for trendy people with sunny personalities. Make it more striking by pairing it with white trim, white shelving, and lighting fixtures, then accessorize with indigo to cool down the look.