Living Room Furniture

How to decorate a study room and living room

Decorate a room with multiple purpose is a way to optimize space, especially in small houses. Combining an office space or studio with a living room, requires that you take into account your needs and ideas, both professional and personal. Consider all of your current needs and any features that need to modify in place. Careful planning and searching for the most outstanding designs to help you create a space that will adequately serve as an efficient office and as a relaxing lounge. We also help you assess the realistic design options that can be implemented in the room .


Visit to the overall design concept and keep that in mind. It may be a simple concept based on the color palette of the room or a more complex one based on the atmosphere you want to achieve in each of the spaces. This will help you clarify your ideas if you can not choose between several options. In addition, it will help to create a comfortable and welcoming place.

 study room

Locates specific studio space and living room areas. Choose space for study according to the orientation of the computers and the required level of light. The accessibility of customers from the main entrance is an important factor to take into account, as the level of privacy of other activities performed in your home point.
Study the possible design of the living room. Try to move the sofa in different positions to see which one works best. Borrow some furniture or cuts used to help visualize the result .

Decide if you want to completely separate the two, if so, how to achieve desired locations. Physical divisions as half-height walls, furniture, visual divisions as floor of different material and color of walls, help to define the individuality of spaces.

Determines how much natural light gets the room and decides how much going to need artificial light. If natural light is limited, decides which of the two places will receive. Try different positions for artificial lighting which will help you decide what works best.