Choosing the Right Bathroom Accessories

A lot of people don’t have the luxury to go for the bathroom designs they really want. Bathrooms are typically the places sacrificed when it comes to floor space, so accessories must be minimal. But even if they are few, accessories are the key elements that define the look, mood, and style of the space. Make your bathroom an aesthetic place that speaks your style and necessities by following the steps below. Also, have a peek here and check out the best commercial washroom accessories you can purchase from a reputable seller online. Rather than use traditional bars of soap, which can become quite messy, liquid soap dispensers allow you to keep your washroom looking slick and intelligent. The bathroom soap dispenser makes much less mess around the hand basins, making cleaning the washroom easier.

1. Look for quality yet affordable items.

Stick to your budget while making sure you get the best quality you need. Some items can be stunning and wonderful enough for your bathroom, but if it costs a lot more than what you have, get other alternatives. You also don’t need to think about brands or stick to one brand. And a popular brand doesn’t mean it has the best quality. You may find out that there are many other brands that are actually better yet cheaper. So be an intelligent buyer and carefully look at details and prices rather than brands.

2. Know what you need.

Before you start shopping, plan and list the items that you really need. Sometimes, when you go shopping aimlessly, you tend to buy things you just liked, but you didn’t really need or cannot be attached to your bathroom. These items become another bunch of things you would stack on your storage area. Prioritize basic and must-have accessories like the basic faucet and showerhead. Also, consider your users. If your bathroom is used by children and/or elderly, make sure the accessories are reachable and easy to use for them. Here are some of the bathroom and toilet accessories you most probably need:

  • Mirror – More than an accessory, a mirror is a must-have for any bathroom. A beautifully framed mirror decorates the room, and a wide and sleek one opens up the space visually.
  • Toothbrush holders – These come in different styles and sizes. It can be mounted on the wall, or it can stand on the sink surface, or inside the vanity closet. Choose toothbrush holders on the fixtures and bathroom furniture you have, but if there is no space, it’s best to choose wall-mounted ones.
  • Towel racks and hooks – For the storage of towels and clothes, towel racks and hooks are bathroom must-haves. These are typically mounted on the wall and is made of steel.
  • Soap holders – Soap is slippery and you need soap holders to keep them in place and maintain soap grime.
  • Soap dispensers – There are plenty of soap dispensers in different styles and sizes that can match any sink. Soap dispensers are either mounted near the sink or act as a standalone bottle.
  • Toilet roll holders – Toilet roll holders are available in a variety of styles and dispense methods, so you can easily choose one that matches your bathroom styles.
  • Heated towel rails – Once considered a bathroom luxury, heated towel rails are now common in bathrooms, especially in homes built in cold climate areas.
  • Mats – Floormats serve as feet protectors in a bathroom, and it keeps feet dry after a shower or a bath. Besides their function, mats also serve as beautiful decorations as it brings pops of colors and patterns to a rather simple tile floor.
  • Shower curtains – For showers that have no doors to separate it from the toilet area, shower curtains are a need. It keeps the toilet area dry, plus it brings a touch of pattern and color to the room.
  • Plants – Real of faux, plants help decorate and liven up the bathroom. Real plants help freshen up the air there, and it’s so easy to water them with sources of water nearby.

3. Consider the style of your bathroom.

Make sure that your faucets, showerheads and other accessories complement the style and colors of your bathroom fixture and interior. It’s also wise to choose plain-styled or neutral-colored accessories so you won’t have to buy accessories whenever you renovate or change your bathroom’s look. Plus, these items go well with modern bathroom interiors.

4. Consider available space and layout.

Take a look at your bathroom and check out available space based on the layout. See where you can fit specific accessories and what hardware materials are needed to attach them. Some accessories would eat up a lot of space even especially if your bathroom is small.

5. Choose good lighting fixtures.

Good lighting is very important in a bathroom, especially if it’s the spot where you do activities that need extra care like putting on makeup and/or shaving. You may also need a mirror with built-in light if you put on makeup regularly. Choose the right bulbs and pick the warmest light possible. Pick the closest to natural daylight.

Light fixtures are not really an accessory, but they really bring a nice look and helps you achieve different effects if you’re creatively placing lights. Sconces make a large bathroom even more beautiful, plus it adds a romantic vibe. Place fixtures in a spot that makes your reflection more flattering.