Staging tips when selling your home

Selling a home can be daunting, and staging is integral to the process. Staging is preparing your home to look its best, and it can significantly impact the price you receive and how quickly your home sells. Here are some home staging tips before a sale.

Declutter and Depersonalize

The first step to staging your home is decluttering and depersonalizing it. Remove all personal items, such as photographs, memorabilia, and anything else that is specific to you. Potential buyers need to envision themselves living in the home, and personal items can hinder that. Decluttering will also make your home look more spacious and organized.

Clean and Repair

The second step to staging your home is to clean and repair it. Clean all surfaces, including floors, walls, and windows. Fix anything broken or needs to be updated, such as leaky faucets, chipped paint, or broken tiles. A well-maintained home will be more attractive to potential buyers.

Create Curb Appeal

Realtors in Orlando, FL, advise that creating curb appeal is essential since your home’s exterior is the first feature potential buyers will see. Ensure your lawn is mowed, the bushes are trimmed, and the garden is weeded. Add some potted plants or flowers to the front porch, and consider giving the front door a fresh coat of paint. A beautiful exterior will draw buyers into your home.

Arrange Furniture

Furniture placement is critical when staging your home. Arrange furniture to maximize the space and showcases the flow of each room. Remove any excess furniture that makes the room look cluttered or cramped. Consider renting furniture or borrowing from friends to create a more inviting and cohesive space.

Add Decorative Touches

Adding decorative touches can make your home feel more inviting and help potential buyers imagine themselves living in the space. Add some throw pillows, artwork, or decorative accents that complement the style of your home. Please don’t overdo it, though. Too many decorations can be distracting and make the space feel cluttered.

Let in Natural Light

Natural light can make a home feel bright and airy, so open all curtains and blinds to let in more light. Clean windows to ensure they sparkle, and remove any heavy drapes that block natural light.

Neutralize the Color Scheme

Consider repainting rooms in neutral beige, gray, or white colors. This will make your home look more modern and appealing to more buyers.

Create a Focal Point

Choose a focal point in each room and arrange furniture and accessories around it. This will create a more visually appealing and cohesive look.

Highlight Unique Features

If your home has unique features such as a fireplace, high ceilings, or a view, highlight them. Use furniture placement and decorative accents to draw attention to these features.

Eliminate Odors

Make sure your home smells fresh and clean by eliminating any odors. Open windows for fresh air, use air purifiers, and avoid cooking strong-smelling foods before a showing.


Staging your home is about creating a clean, inviting, and attractive space that potential buyers can envision living in.