Common Bathroom Upgrades

Homeowners spend more cash when sprucing up their bathrooms. This is especially true for those driven by functional necessities and aesthetic desires.

Although the costs of materials and products have increased because of supply chain disruptions and inflation, bathroom upgrade activities still remain strong. Some of the common upgrades you can consider for your bathroom are the following:

1. Frameless Glass Shower

Let’s face it – glass shower door hardware can make your bathroom look luxurious. A frameless glass shower takes this further by allowing homeowners to stay independent longer.

And because this kind of shower often lacks a lip or ledge to step over so you can enter and take a shower, it is a perfect option for aging members of the family.

2. Bathroom Lighting

Lifeless and old bathroom lighting fixtures are not costly or difficult to replace with trendy ones. For your bathroom vanity, you might want more all-around lighting coverage. Most modern options with different brightness levels and lights may as well improve your visibility if you stand in front of the mirror.

In addition, a statement piece for bathroom light may tie together different elements in your bathroom as well as add a dramatic flair. Bathroom lighting is of different finishes, mounts, and styles, so you should get one that suits your needs.

3. New Textiles

Bathrooms are always full of non-committal options you may change from. You can start with shower curtains, which have the same wall size as updating them could be as transformative as the allover coat of paint, particularly in small spaces.

Swapping out acrylic or plastic rings for polished metal can also give your space a high-end look. Afterward, consider swapping things you touch every day, such as soft rugs, cotton towels, or a ceramic soap dish.

4. Smart Technology

Apart from incorporating natural elements in a bathroom, as a homeowner, you can also incorporate smart technology in your home space. Technology-enabled features, like heated floors, voice-activated showers, and temperature-controlled faucets, are increasingly becoming common among many homeowners.

Smart mirrors, which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing as well make their way to most homes. These mirrors are designed to control music, lights, and other settings in a bathroom without the need to leave your space.

5. Pipework

For a more organized and cleaner look, ask a plumber to work on your bathroom to conceal pipework as well as offer services to the ceiling and flooring. This can also make laying flooring and tiling easier.

But ensure important components can easily be accessed in the case of a leak. For instance, if you plan to install a freestanding bath away from your walls, you should be able to raise it and hide the pipework underneath.

Concluding Remarks!

If it is your first time updating your bathroom and you have no idea of what to do, you can start by looking for inspiration. Sites like Pinterest can be a perfect place to get bathroom improvement ideas. You may also gather magazine pages with bathroom details you wish to emulate. All that matters is for you to have a clear vision of your dream bathroom.