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They have no good reputation, and yet the world of cacti has a great beauty a bit strange and unusual. Today we are going to give you some ideas to decorate with cactus from putting pots with some of these plants like using them as a wall papering resource.

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Decorate with cactus monde

You may not be one of those people whom the cacti find ugly, bland and unfunny. You may like them, but still you would not imagine they had so many decorative possibilities. Today we bring you a battery of ideas to decorate with cactus that will surprise you and much. In addition, is that, as much as the cactus is the ugly duckling of the botanical universe?

The truth is that many of its varieties show incredible beauty. Strange, original and little seen what, in my opinion, puts it even more valuable. In addition, if you are not very convinced, look at the pictures we will show you below. You will see how when you finish you will be convinced to look for a cactus or two to take them home.

Decorating with cactus: a sure thing

It is not what we had thought. We did not have it in mind. Yet, one day you discover the role of the cactus as a design resource to decorate the house and you cannot stop. That is what happened to me. I opted to put some, given my complete inability to care for decently any plant.

Cacti belong to the family of succulents and are characterized by being very easy to grow. That is the theory because in practice also have to observe certain precautions like not watering them in excess since it is easy that they die by having too much water. They withstand well the heat the sun the extreme climates and the drought.

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Being sober and robust, the cacti seemed to me the perfect plants to put in my house. Over time I have fallen in love. I find them beautiful with that special beauty that gives them their peculiar and somewhat architectural forms sure that after seeing the following images you will do the same.

There are cacti of all sizes, but if you put together a group of several different ones that are not too large, the decorative effect can be great. Cladding a wall of the children’s room with special wallpaper is a great idea. In addition, if it is decorated with cactus, the result can be incredible.

Cactus Print

The fabrics with succulent stamped are perfect for decorating with cactus any space of the house, including the living room. You can find endless models, more serious or more childish, so you can choose according to your tastes or the use you want to give the fabric.

Pictures that decorate

They can be pictures, drawings, illustrations. The thing is to put some original cacti on the wall. The result cannot be more decorative. Choose the boxes with the designs you like the most appropriate format and get them.

A ceramic cactus

They are perfect to put a green touch in any corner. Combine them with other objects of cactus inspiration and you will see how well they are left. They will be the star object to decorate any small space in the house. You might also be interested in Learn to decorate with Jouy’s toile print. Cactuses are the source of inspiration for this original lamp. You will look great in the room of the smallest of the house.