Ideas for Decorating with Mirrors

No home is complete without a single mirror. This is a standard item inside a house, especially in the bathrooms and changing areas. It’s a need for all of us since we need to check out appearance for self-grooming before facing the outside world.

Mirrors are usually considered functional rather than decorative, which means a lot of people are missing out on creating opportunities to make their houses fashionable. These fixtures can do both perfectly – it can serve to give you your reflection, while it allows you to express your personal style as it can add visual interest and illusion of space.

1. Add big mirrors.

It can be fun to decorate with mirrors to the point that it’s not only considered a needed fixture but a centerpiece of a room. Here are some brilliant ideas for decorating your home with mirrors:

1. Add big mirrors.

Add a bit of drama into a room by adding a big, full-size mirror, especially in small spaces. Use ornamental frames or any design with a distinctive flair. It will surely add beauty to a room, and will also give an optical illusion of more space. Put it on entryways or at the end of a hallway to open up space and make it look more expansive. It also allows that final glance at yourself before you leave the house.

2. Mix it with wall art.

Hang a mirror in addition to your gallery wall displays. You can feature a large mirror along with small framed wall art pieces on the side, or perhaps add mirrors in between. Yes, we said mirrors because who told you to place only one per room? Keep the frame shape similar to your art displays, or you may put on a mirror with a different frame shape to create visual interest. You can also incorporate mirrors to other forms of wall decorations like textile hangings or artsy shelving to add an element of space. Seeing your own reflection along those art pieces would surely make you feel like a work of art yourself.

3. Treat them as artworks.

Speaking of gallery wall displays, why not display a collection of mirrors? Try combining different shapes and sizes of mirrors to make your own mirror wall, but don’t forget to keep the scale of the mirrors in proportion to each other and to the space of the wall to avoid creating a cluttered look. Don’t hang small mirrors on a large wall – if you do, make sure you will be using a big one in the center. Interior designers like to do this on an entryway wall. Plus, it can make you feel like a work of art since you can see yourself inside the frames.

4. Let mirrors play with light.

Mirrors are best used in rooms lacking natural light. In dim rooms with a lamp or a hanging light fixture, place a mirror next to them to amplify the glow and create a warm atmosphere. Also use a mirror in a room filled with candles, like in a dining area, to create a romantic, elegant and relaxing atmosphere. Using mirrors also doubles the lighting effect of the candles.

5. Attach them to cabinetry.

Putting mirrors on cabinet doors help save space, make doors extra functional and makes the room look bigger. Add mirrored glasses on your kitchen cabinet doors to “enlarge” your small kitchen. Have the mirrors attached to all your wardrobe panels and keep them framed to lighten up the room. Surround the surfaces of your vanity table with antiqued mirrors for a vintage-style look.

6. Install mirrored tiles on the walls.

Create a modern update on any space by placing mirrored tiles on walls. Go for contemporary art by featuring hexagonal mirrored tiles on your dark bedside wall. Or you can also upgrade your white, sleek kitchen with mirrored tiles arranged in brick formation. Mirrored tiles can also add a touch of old world charm to your space. Install antiqued mirror tiles on a wall where your velvet chesterfield couch is. Add a patina mirror tiles behind your bathtub. Bringing in mirrored tiles make an interesting and unconventional touch of art to any room.

7. Place mirror on top of a dining table.

It’s not the usual glass on table thing. If you have a long, rectangular table, you can place an inexpensive, full-length mirror atop the center of your dining room table. Set decorative vases on top of the mirror and add some flowers if you like.

8. Hang a sunburst mirror.

Sunburst mirrors can look modern, contemporary or antique. Its artisan-crafted frame sparks a statement and makes the mirror an accent in itself. Hang a huge sunburst mirror on the center of your living room wall on top of your couch, or pick small ones as an accent to a gallery wall.

9. Go for a mirrored ceiling medallion.

Mirrors are not just for walls and closet doors. You can opt for a mirrored ceiling medallion to add a new level of bling to your room. It looks perfect when paired with crystal chandeliers for a more eye-catching ceiling. You may purchase from your local home center or create a DIY medallion out of mirrors.

10. Add splashes of color.

Bring in the boho vibe by painting your ornamental mirror frames with touches of green, purple, yellow, orange and pinks. Visit your local flea market and find some vintage mirrors you can repurpose. Paint them with a fun combination of colors and hang it against your wall.

11. Play it up with windows.

Mirrors and windows team up very well to create various effects. Place a mirror next to a window to create the illusion of another window in the room. Place a mirror across a window to allow an outdoor view to be seen from another angle. Place a mirror in front of a huge window or a glass wall to create a stop for wandering eyes and make a room feel more intimate.