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How to run a small baby room

Sometimes an additional room or home office becomes the baby’s room when he joins the family. But organizing a baby room in a small space can be a challenge, especially when trying to accommodate baby furniture, clothing, toys and decorations. Learn some tips to organize a baby’s bedroom with a small area.

small baby room


Take advantage of the closets organized when there is no space for additional furniture. If cabinet has a rod for hanging clothes, install a shelf over it, put baskets with cloth interior and stores blankets, extra diapers, clothing that uses your baby when he grows up, etc.. Use organizers to hang at the height of the cabinet for storing clothes, coats, hats, shoes, toys and other accessories you need to access quickly.

Create storage spaces in unusual areas such as the back of the door. Purchase a door organizer with large compartments for storing wipes, diapers, bottles and pacifiers.

Purchase a crib that is a drawer at the bottom. If you already have a crib that does not have built-in storage space, you can use the free space under the crib. Purchase decorative baskets or containers to place under beautiful crib. This will give you storage space for things like blankets, baby items and seasonal clothing that still does not fit.

Get a floor lamp that also serves as a table or set of shelves. These lamps occupy only about 1 foot square (0.09 m²) of floor space and yet provide you valuable storage space. Place it next to a chair to keep there handkerchiefs, baby books, photographs, or a baby’s bottle.

Take advantage of the empty wall space by installing hooks for hanging coats or hats or install shelves to place photographs and memories of the birth. Hang a shelf network toys and throws all your animals plush there, this will keep the floor clear.

Place a small basket to store essentials and place it on the table, baby changing table. Place inside diapers, wipes, ointments, a toy (for distraction while you change) and anything else you might need when you are changing the baby’s diaper.