Guide to Greenhouses

A greenhouse garden with bench

If you have a green thumb, it doesn’t matter where you live in – a greenhouse will be able to provide you year-round growth and crop production for your family or business. Having an own greenhouse is a gardener’s dream come true. But as any experienced gardener or horticulturist may say, not … Read more

Garden Planning Ideas in Preparation for Spring

Winters in Virginia are often frigid. This means that there’s not much lawn care that can be done during the season. However, according to the experts in lawn care and landscaping Manassas, VA locals turn to property owners should dedicate the season to the planning for their spring garden. Garden planning is … Read more

Guide to Window Shutters

Shutters are not old-fashioned, as some may think. It’s a timeless kind of window treatment that may cost more than other options, but it provides a consistent beauty, protection, and privacy for your home. It’s an attractive addition that you can add to your window, which can also enhance the financial value … Read more

Home Cleaning Habits to Avoid

Home Cleaning Habits to Avoid

Most of us think that as long as you do clean, you’re doing a good thing for your house. But sometimes, our cleaning habits may do more harm than good. You and your family may be doing some cleaning habits that are actually bad, and are inhibiting your ability to get the … Read more

Tips for Buying New Dinnerware

We all have that stage in life where we got crazy schedules and we prefer eating takeouts, but sooner or later, almost all people goes to eat in and serve home-cooked meals. It is cheaper in the long run, and also much healthier. Because of this, a set of dinnerware is a … Read more

What is the Difference Between Dinnerware, Porcelain and China?

Table Setting Place Setting Dinner

If you’re shopping for new set of dishes for your home, or perhaps registering for your wedding, you might have wondered why there are many different terms used. There are plates listed as porcelain. Some are listed as fine china, some bone china, and some just states “dinnerware.” At first, they may … Read more

Blocking Cold Air with Window Treatments

Insulated cellular shades

Perhaps you’ve been using your heater and radiator, but it seems to be working so hard yet it’s still cold inside. Cold weather becomes unbearable if the cold winter drafts penetrate your home. Covering your windows with the right treatments can help reduce energy loss, lower cooling bills and improve overall comfort … Read more

Easy and Unique Wall Treatments

Easy and Unique Wall Treatments

Getting a wall painted is an easy job, and it’s the easiest way to transform a wall. But sometimes, paint is not enough. Some walls deserve a little more pizzazz. When it comes to interior decoration, nothing gives a definite “wow” moment like a powerful wall treatment. If you’d like to try … Read more

Pros and Cons of a Glass Dining Table

Pros and Cons of a Glass Dining Table

A beautiful, glass dining table sometimes feel like an irresistible choice when shopping for a table. A traditional wooden table is beautiful too, but there is something about the modern charm of a glass unit. But before purchasing a glass table top for your dining room (or even for a home office … Read more

Home Staging Tips

Staging your house helps buyers fall in love with your property. It even makes them offer more for your house if it’s well-staged. The agent won’t have to say, “Imagine this,” because buyers will already see furniture and design possibilities for the space they might consider buying. Home staging is more than … Read more

Bohemian Style Decorating for Your Home

Bring in second hand items and distressed finds

Bohemian or “boho” style of decorating embraces the sense of flowing liberty associated with the eclectic style. However, it’s just not eclectic – the word “bohemian” comes from the French word for “gypsy,” which applies to those who live unconventional and usually artistic lives. It’s often associated with hippies, artists, travelers and … Read more

Planning Is Often the Path to the Perfect Home Life

Perfect Home Life

Running a household isn’t an easy task. To be sure, when you first start out it might not seem very intimidating. This isn’t to say that it’s a simple matter when a couple first starts out in the world. But the typical situation involves two people who are splitting things pretty evenly, … Read more