Tips for Choosing a Microwave Oven

A microwave is an essential kitchen appliance. If you buy the right one, you can reheat, defrost and cook meals with convenience. If your microwave needs a replacement (or you never had one), it may be hard for you to shop because you may not know what to look for. But choosing … Read more

Victorian Style Decorating for Your Home

For the modern home lover, the Victorian style might seem impractical, excessive and outdated. But some people aren’t fans of the sleek, minimalistic, bright and airy interiors that the modern and contemporary homes offer. If you still love the cozy, romantic and opulent effect of the Victorian style, there’s no reason not … Read more

Decorating a Lakeside Home

A lakeside house is a beautiful home to relax and enjoy the company of friends and family. If your house is a lakeside home (or if you have one as a vacation home) you can enjoy the water view on your porch in a hammock swaying gently with the breeze anytime you … Read more

Decorating a Beach House

  If you own a beach house – whether it’s your permanent home, a vacation house, or a property you have for rent – you’re pretty lucky. Not all people who dream of having a beach house (and that’s a lot of people) actually did have the opportunity and the resources to … Read more

Decorating Your Apartment Wall

If you’re a renter, decorating the walls can come with a number of restrictions. Landlords don’t like visible holes and damaged walls. Because of this, some people don’t even bother sprucing up their plain, bland walls, since they know they’re going to move out eventually. But for some, not being able to … Read more

Gothic Style Decorating for Your Home

The Gothic interior design style is one of the popular but unconventional design choices nowadays. For some people, the idea of a Gothic interior makes them cringe since it reminds them of those dark and spooky vampire lairs or haunted houses they see in movies or TV shows. Some only consider this … Read more

Easy DIY Wall Décor Ideas

One easy way to decorate any room is to put up wall décor. However, decorations like paintings and artworks might get a little expensive, and displaying photos and sketches might not be your taste. There are a lot of simple do-it-yourself wall art ideas you can try to make your space unique … Read more

Making a Sustainable Home

Living and making simple everyday choices inadvertently creates an effect on the environment, the climate, and other living things. We may be using up a lot of natural resources and leaving an environmental footprint, but there are a lot of things we can do to reduce it and create a sustainable living … Read more

Decorating with a Cathedral Ceiling

Cathedral ceiling, also known as a vaulted ceiling, is a high type of ceiling made of two sides that slant upwards to a pointed top. It gives an open, spacious look that makes a room look bigger than they really are. It also creates an impression of sophistication and grandeur, as the … Read more

Dorm Headboard Ideas

Ah, the dormitory. It’s your temporary home where you’re forced to live with another student as you seek higher education. It’s your space where your privacy and space is limited. It’s your pad where you get boring bed and furniture that are just like everyone else’s. But living in a dorm doesn’t … Read more

Decorating with Cactus

Looking for some greenery you can adopt to decorate your home, but you have no green thumb? Don’t worry, there is a cactus plant out there waiting to be taken care of by people like you. Cactus is one of the most favorite plants of interior decorators because they are charming and … Read more

Adding Finishing Touches to any Room

Imagine this scenario: you have renovated and updated the items in your home. You have replaced your flooring, repainted your walls, upgraded your electronics, replaced your upholstery and added new furniture. You might also have installed new radiators, put up new window treatments, and cleaned up the mess. You seem satisfied, admiring … Read more