Dorm Headboard Ideas

Ah, the dormitory. It’s your temporary home where you’re forced to live with another student as you seek higher education. It’s your space where your privacy and space is limited. It’s your pad where you get boring bed and furniture that are just like everyone else’s. But living in a dorm doesn’t … Read more

Decorating with Cactus

Looking for some greenery you can adopt to decorate your home, but you have no green thumb? Don’t worry, there is a cactus plant out there waiting to be taken care of by people like you. Cactus is one of the most favorite plants of interior decorators because they are charming and … Read more

Adding Finishing Touches to any Room

Imagine this scenario: you have renovated and updated the items in your home. You have replaced your flooring, repainted your walls, upgraded your electronics, replaced your upholstery and added new furniture. You might also have installed new radiators, put up new window treatments, and cleaned up the mess. You seem satisfied, admiring … Read more

Starting an Indoor Vegetable Garden

You may not have even a tiny piece of earth to garden, but you’ll never realize how much space you have until you try gardening indoors. The amazing thing is, you can grow vegetables indoors too, so you can have your own vegetable supply even without a farm. Yes, you will not … Read more

Tips for Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Tips for Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Even if you’re a stay-at-home mom, you may still find no time to clean your home thoroughly, especially if you are working from home and/or nursing babies. You may sweep once in a while, wash the dishes every meal, wipe the counters clean, but you know it’s never enough if you know … Read more

Effective Solutions to Save Water at Home

Water is one of the world’s most vital resources, and we can’t afford to live in a world without it. By 2025, the UN predicts that 3.4 billion people will be living in water-scarce countries. With this water crisis happening in the world, we must be mindful of how we use our … Read more

Perfect Flowers for Balconies

Your balcony can be a beautiful, ornamental mini-garden to keep you relaxed from the day-to-day hustles of life, especially if you’re living in a bustling city. The way to do it is to grow flowers in your own balcony garden. However, not all flowers are easy and flexible to grow in a … Read more

Urban Farming in Your Home

Spring Green Pots Garden Flower Gardener Work

No backyard? No problem! Farming is not a job that should be only done in a wide open space – it can also be successful even you’re confined to a home or apartment! The taste of fresh and locally-grown fruits and vegetables is incomparable to those you can buy from the market. … Read more

How to Prepare Home for the Summer

Be ready to party

Summer is a sought-after season for many people since it’s the time for family vacations, trips to the beach, barbeque parties or simply staying at home. But it’s also the season of hurricane warnings, scorching hot temperatures, bug invasions, rainstorms, and the highest consumption of energy throughout the year. Here’s how you … Read more

Home Safety Tips for Kids

Keep small sized items away from kids.

Home is where the kids grow and learn, feel safe and secure, and find love and care. It’s where they first see and experience the world around them and let their mind and body develop. But even when their home must be the safest place on earth for a child, it’s still … Read more

Things to Consider When Choosing Internal Doors

Sliding doors

Interior doors are an important feature for your home that can make a difference in your home’s style. The doors found in your bedrooms, bathrooms, dens, closets, hallways, and others make an important visual statement that doesn’t go unnoticed. A lot of people buy or rent homes with doors already installed, so … Read more

Tips for Finishing Outdoor Wooden Furniture

All outdoor furniture require maintenance, whatever material it may be since it will be exposed to elements like weather, moisture, ultraviolet light, and pests. But wood is perhaps the material that needs finishing and protection the most. Any wooden furniture for your deck, patio or backyard can look classy and beautiful, especially … Read more