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Which types of log cabins there?

The first log cabins were introduced in North America in the 1600s by Scandinavians. These log cabins were built colonial like wooden fences. They used logs of different sizes arranged perpendicular to a channel to raise away from the walls of the house. Nowadays, the log cabins are built with techniques developed using logs lying, placed parallel to each other and connected (locked) in the notched terminal end.

log cabins

Detail of an American log cabin
The log cabins have always been very popular in the United States due to the abundance of trees in their vast territories and the tradition of building with wood. For this reason, the construction of log cabins has to have affordable homes that can be easily acquired by any American even do them with their own hands even. Despite their similarities in design and use of materials, the cabins of wood are not all made ​​equal. The log cabins can vary according to the styles with which they were designed and the technique chosen for construction. Generally, there are two types of log cabins in styles is concerned. To learn about this, here is a comprehensive and detailed explanation of the difference between the two main styles of cabins.

As the name implies, these cottages are built of logs sawed. The logs used in this particular style have been treated by a traditional procedure. This is done by removing some characteristics of the logs, as well as its flaws. The logs are converted into useful lumber sizes and shapes that have provided. You can expect a log cabin timbers used only standardized and unchanging in terms of sizes and shapes are concerned.

When building log cabins so elaborate, it is important to note that the dimensions of the cabin and trunk are directly proportional to each other. There is not much difficulty in identifying this, because the logs are the same size. Therefore, with log cabins so elaborate, you should think that the length of a particular trunk is the total length of a partition in the cabin.