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Building a house with or without a garage. Things to consider when making a pros and cons list

Buying a house is a big deal for many people, mostly financially, but emotionally too. But building your own house, that is something not many can afford and few venture to complete. In today’s economy, building a house means a lot of effort, money and time and a faltered house building plan may lead to countless disappointments in the future. And giving the fact that a lot of people own cars, the garage comes only as a natural part of anybody’s future dream house. But should it be built or are there some things to consider?


Let’s see the Pros list

  1. Building a garage is not extremely expensive considering the amount necessary for the entire construction but can increase significantly your home value on the real estate market if ever you think to sell
  2. A garage saves you money on a long term as the car is better protected and kept during extreme weather conditions
  3. A garage represents an excellent storage room for other house appliances or items
  4. If your architect designs the garage as a feasible living space of the house and not just an annex, it adds value to the house and improves your living conditions
  5. A garage can be built or removed – if it’s just an annex to the house – depending on your future needs

Let’s see the Cons list

  1. If you’re limited to a narrow space, a garage can sacrifice a small patch of garden and lawn. They will both make part of your regular maintenance plan, pest control program, care and supervision, but if you really can park the car safe outside, expert builders recommend not sacrificing the garden for the garage.
  2. A garage increases your house expenses, as it’s likely it will need to be heated during winter, have its own electrical system and its own security system.
  3. A garage will sacrifice the land for building another room and many family with children opted for the extra bedroom, while leaving the car in the driveway. Certainly, there are means of transforming the garage into a room if necessary, but there are a lot of costs involved, while the house’s price on the market might actually decrease because of this choice.
  4. A garage needs solid building materials, electricity and a lot of additional investments. They don’t cost very much, but if you’re on a budget, don’t sacrifice the quality of materials just because you want a cheap deal.
  5. Building a detached garage (as it became a common practice in the last years) may not be such a good idea on the long term, as it takes space, needs a separate security system and is very attractive to burglars.

No matter if you plan to build your house with an attached or detached garage, specialists recommend to take a look around the area you want to live in: are there other houses with attached garages? Is it a safe zone that allows you to park your car outside? Are people there using their garages for other purposes than keeping their cars safe? A wise decision can be made by taking into account both financial and personal factors, together with your and our family’s plan for the future.