Know how and why snowflakes can be a stellar Christmas addition along with premium large storage bags

Let the scissor tips make a few fast snips to make a beautiful paper snowflake. A square paper can be a good initiation. You can let your children revel in snowflake making sessions. Adults can also jump the bandwagon to bedeck the tree with walls, windows, and presents.

To make a beautiful paper snowflake, all you need is two indispensable craft supplies. These are a pair of scissors and paper.

When you choose paper, you need to have proper crepe paper, tissue paper, wrapping paper, and lightweight paper. Since they are lighter, you can cut them easily. However, keep in kind in mind that they are more fragile and delicate for decoration purposes. Handle them carefully.

The weight paper can be medium or heavy weight. Use card stocks, butcher paper, or poster papers to cut the material.

Make dreamy snowflakes

Crystal clear snowflakes are pretty and sparkly. You need the right supplies, such as white card stock papers, scissors or cutting machine, iridescent glitter, or wrinkle-free glue sticks or craft, glue gun, clear fishing, and wall-safe, scotch tape.

  • First thing is to cut some snowflakes. You can use both scissors or cutting machine as per your convenience.
  • Rub it on the scotch and glue stick on your snowflake. Next step is to sprinkle some golden glitter or iridescent stuff on the top.
  • Remove the excess glitter by shaking it off on another paper. Repeat the same step for every snowflake.
  • You’ve the choice of using the glitter at the backdrop of snowflake. After you complete the glitter task, you use the paper piece to make a funnel.
  • Filter the excess glitter into the glitter container because it’d be bad to waste glitter. If you want to get craftier with the snowflakes, you just need to use some Scotch brand tools/products.

After using them, wrap up the piece and put them inside large storage bags.

The six-pointed snowflakes

As you know, beginning with a square is your first step. Outline the paper edges in blue. After folding them, keep them in place.

  • Make the alignment in a way so that you don’t need to flip or rotate the papers. You can also use a rectangular paper piece for making a square. Simply fold one corner/side down to make an isosceles triangle.
  • Trim off the extra paper. Fold them in a half and make a diagonal shape. Fold each paper squares to form a triangle.
  • You can mark the paper’s center with a yellow or orange star. Outline the same with the best paper to get the best fold.
  • Your third step is to fold the paper in a half again. Fold the bigger triangle in a half to create a smaller triangle.
  • Take 1/3rd of the paper and fold it. Place each third in a 30-degree angle. Next, fold the paper again and put each fold in once line to attain a proper symmetry.