Choosing The Right Size Tub For Your Bathroom With A Safe Step Walk In Tub

As people grow old, their homes have to undergo certain improvements for them to live independently. Such an indispensable improvement is getting a walk-in tub, designed to assist the elderly and disabled people in having a bath by themselves.

These bathtubs are equipped with a myriad of safety features, a door, and air jets. Walk-in baths do wonders when it comes to providing accessibility, safety, independence, and privacy. As long as one’s bathroom is large enough to fit such a tub, older adults should have no second doubts about installing such addition in their homes. Make sure you check out this safe step walk in tub review to get familiar with the most prominent in-tub features.

Follow these tips when purchasing such a bath.

Consider space limitations

The journey towards selecting the right walk-in tub size begins with considering your space limitations. Unlike standard tubs, these are larger in height but shorter in length. While traditional models are sixty inches long, walk-in models can be as short as thirty-six inches. Naturally, manufacturers design larger models to fit users of all sizes, as well as those using a wheelchair.

Besides the size of the bathroom, buyers are supposed to pay close attention to the size of the stairs, doorways, and halls. It often happens for hallways and doorways to be too narrow for the installer to transport the bathtub to the bathroom. Therefore, measuring the height, length, and width of the space where one intends to place the walk-in tub is crucial before making a purchase. There’s no point in wasting money on a bathtub whose dimensions are larger than those of your bathroom space.

In case no model matches the dimensions of your doorways and bathroom, you’d probably need to subject your hallways and doorways to reconstruction. If such a plan isn’t feasible due to their extreme narrowness, building another bathroom might be the only solution.

Moreover, the stability of the bathroom subfloor is another important consideration. In order for a walk-in bathtub to be installed in your house, the subfloor has to be sufficiently strong to withstand the load. These types of bathtubs are known to be heavier due to the larger capacity in comparison with standard baths. Visit this site for an introduction to the purpose and types of flooring underlayment.

Ultimately, walk-in tubs are usually installed in the same location as the existing bathtubs. Nevertheless, it’s possible for the dimensions of the new bath to be larger or smaller than the model you already have. In case the new model is larger, you’ll need to renovate the place for the bath to fit. Conversely, if the new walk-in tub is smaller in dimensions, the solution involves using extension shelves.

Consider door openings

Door openings are another vital consideration when shopping for the right size of a walk-in tub. Unlike standard models, walk-in bathtubs come with doors for better accessibility. Senior people have neither the strength nor the flexibility to lift their legs high enough to enter traditional tubs. The walk-in models are designed with a door to help older people enter the bath without much effort.

Walk-in bathtubs come in multiple door-opening directions, those being inward, outward, left, and right. The majority of models are equipped with inward-swinging doors but it doesn’t mean outward-swinging doors aren’t used.

Models with inward-swinging doors are ideal for senior people coping with space limitations. These are excellent for preventing leaks, as water cannot be leaked outside. Also, the elderly encounter fewer problems when opening and closing the door. Anyhow, in the event of an emergency, the bathtub has to be drained first before the door is opened.

Walk-in baths with outward-swinging doors are more convenient for buyers whose bathrooms are spacious enough for the door to be opened outwards. These tubs are more accessible to senior people, as they’re provided with more space to sit down. Nevertheless, outward-swinging doors require more strength on the part of users to pull the door. Regarding emergencies, these tubs aren’t supposed to be drained in order for bathers to exit the bath.

Furthermore, when choosing between right-handed and left-handed doors, the position of the drain is the one that matters. Bear in mind that being a left-handed or right-handed person has nothing to do with the direction you choose. Buyers should be looking at the drain location when faced towards the bath. Make sure to choose a left-handed door when the drain is located on the left side, contrary to choosing a right-handed door when the drain is found on the right side.

Consider air jets

Another important decision for aged people to make is whether to purchase a walk-in bathtub with air jets. Basic models aren’t equipped with jets, which explains their budget-friendly price. In contrast, models with air jets are costlier to purchase because of the vast range of health benefits they provide seniors with.

The majority of elderly people suffer from rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, severe back pain, and fibromyalgia, all of which induce overwhelming pain on a daily basis. See this link,, for some useful tips about providing natural relief from arthritis pain. Also, many older adults have been subjected to hip or knee replacement, causing excruciating pain.

Fortunately, walk-in tubs aren’t only designed to provide better convenience but pain relief as well. The models with air jets provide excellent hydrotherapy, much necessary for reducing pain in senior people. Hydrotherapy is miraculous when it comes to improving circulation and muscular strength, minimizing muscle spasms, improving motion range, etc.

In case you decide to invest in a walk-in bathtub with jets, make sure you choose a model with targeted jets, designed to massage different body areas, such as the legs, feet, or back. These air jets are also known for their ability to induce skin exfoliation.

The bottom line

Purchasing a walk-in tub is an investment in one’s safety, privacy, and independence.

Every senior should have one!