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Innovative electrical induction cooktop

Winning home computer space in modern kitchens. now there’s a novelty among electric stoves that revolutionizes the operation and use of ceramic cooking surface is the induction cooktop that operates at any point on the surface . Where you support the pot, pan or skillet the team detects and heated in the specific place , is like saying that creates a burner where the cooking vessel is supported and attached to specific controls, as distinct from another.

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Innovative electrical

Induction electric stove new concept
In the control panel you draw the perimeter of the area occupied for cooking, look at the first image detail enlargement. This allows 60% more useful for cooking surface that in a conventional induction cooking.

This is a concept completely new cooking equipment . It is based on the process of induction cooking applied to new electric stove recently released to the market, induction cooktops. ‘s advanced technology and new product these days was presented at a technology fair ( CES ) in Las Vegas. It will be offered for sale on the market for about five thousand dollars. Power can be controlled from 15 to 4600 W in place of baking.

New top for cooking, induction cooktop free surface
Induction cooking is known for its quality of not heating the top of the stove, you can lay his hand on the glass and will not burn. Only instead of the stove emits electro magnetic induction which answers the cooking vessel, it must meet certain conditions as a material to effectively respond to induction. This new team free cooking surface is the future, now tangible, of the electrically heated cooking surfaces, a “stove in the near future.” cooking equipment for high technology and quality. Upon induction cooking .

The principle of induction heating is based on the characteristic of certain materials when subjected to electromagnetic fields. The materials absorb some of the energy transformed into heat and this is used to cook food. Normally metallic materials , but must have one of the following properties:

– Good electrical conductivity , which allows the internal circulation of induced currents.
– Ferromagnetism , so is the phenomenon called magnetic hysteresis. Such phenomena for transforming electromagnetic field energy into heat generated internally in the material. The electromagnetic field is created by a source of electric current medium to high frequency , the source consists of electronic components and a system inductor.

Due to the large size of the market for domestic cooking, induction cooking great interest as replacement of the kitchen hob surface . Some research groups working with companies to develop reliable systems appliances, cheaper, with fewer restrictions and installation and better performance. spite of the time elapsed since the appearance of the first induction cookers, they have not had a significant presence market.

Notably, the high initial price, which is between two to three times the price of a conventional kitchen , and consideration of “piloting” and still not well established among potential users. But the trend is changing, so that major groups appliances now offer their catalogs in domestic induction cookers , both with own developments, or through technology transfer markets. The competition brought greater choice and lower prices, plus there is more information to the consumer. The result is now an increasing market share.