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Glass Furniture

Here you can see furniture made ​​with finely worked glass parts . These are exclusive pieces, luxury. Most fine wood combine glass, glass high quality. It was just a specialist in glass Italian designers who convened to produce a unique line of furniture with glass parts like the legs. surely will find of interest the list of furniture and the list of luxury homes of postings published in this same architecture blog.

Glass Furniture

Bench with legs luxurious fine crystal
The quality of these furniture is indisputable origin but also the design is unusual, it is refined and points to the luxury market. The prices of these pieces of glass furniture range from 8,500 to U.S. $ 30,000.

Coffee table glass and metal
There is a balance in designs ranging from the Classic and Contemporary forms. The tops of tables and wooden feet added another style or exquisitely drawn glass has another style.

Murano glass table and lacquered wood
The combination has been cleverly resolved in Italy, a country with the right people to get down in these areas of design and style.

Round coffee table glass and wood with lacquer spiral
Furniture produced especially by Seguso who leads a prominent tradition in glass work for six centuries, the house has been founded in 1397.

Glass table and wooden pillared
It is the first factory of Murano glass that has taken seriously enter the market of glass furniture and differentiation.

Drawer knob made of glass
The legs of these pieces are designed inspired by the architecture of Venice. Stacked balloons representing the early Roman domes. The columns turned in Venetian palazzi. The wood has a fine finish and tinted lacquer Contemporary look.

Fine furniture door handle glass and bronze
Are in this collection, furniture glass and metal and glass and wood furniture. Predominate wood pieces, but in all notoriously stands on the glass work . Column table with Murano glass in a room. These parts are responsible to order and are fully customized.