Decorating with Glass Furniture

Glass is a beautiful, transparent and reflective kind of material and when used for home décor and interior design, it gives an elegant and sophisticated effect. Furniture and accessories made of glass are highly versatile, because they allow for other colors and patterns in a room shine through. Glass items are also ubiquitous in contemporary and modern furniture designs, as well as updated traditional and mid-century designs.

There are many ways to incorporate glass furniture and other glass items in your home. Here are some ideas:

1. Add a clear glass table top

The most common usage of glass furniture can be found in the living room. Glass works well as a tabletop, whether as a coffee, console, side or end table. This way, that special rug you own (or the beautiful flooring you have) and the gorgeous chairs around it can take up all the attention. Tables with a pretty base can show off an architectural design that can add visual interest into the space.

2. Use a sleek glass dining table

If you have a small dining area and there’s a lot of thing going on, such as a patterned wallpaper and decorations you don’t want to get rid of, it’s best to pick a glass table as your main furniture. This will take up less visual space, making your small area feel more spacious.

3. Stay trendy with mirrored furniture

Mirrored furniture isn’t something new – you can find a lot of antique pieces with mirror pieces on them – but it’s certainly is timeless. It adds personality to a space, provides reflection, and can reflect light to make the room lighter. However, it’s best to place only one to two mirrored furniture in one room, since it’s already enough to make a statement and you would not like to overdo it.

4. Enrich your space with tinted glass

Glass can easily give our space a clean finish, keeping it open and allowing more light to come in. But if you’re not a fan of the colorless transparency, you can go for tinted glass. This way, you can opt for a color you prefer, which would best suit the color scheme of your interior. Choose a glass furniture with metallic base or elements to create a richer look.

5. Pair glass with gold accents

For sophisticated interiors, the classic combination of clear glass and gold never becomes too old. Combining a rich and warm metallic color like gold to clear glass creates a perfect contrast that provides a luxurious shine and reflective properties to a space. This kind of pairing is timeless and tasteful, especially for classic and modern home designs.

6. Go faux with acrylic

If you like the attractiveness of glass and the luxe effect it creates but don’t want to use one because of its drawbacks, you can consider going for acrylic and Lucite furniture. These materials can look like glass without having to deal with the possibility of it getting shattered into pieces. There are a lot of fantastic acrylic and lucite pieces, even colored ones if you prefer, which are perfect for modern and contemporary homes that embrace individuality.

7. Protect your surfaces with glass

Adding a glass top can help protect your existing wooden tables, whether it’s a desk, coffee table, dining table or any other kind of table. It’s really great if you would add it into an interesting-looking base, as the transparency of the glass allows the eyes to draw attention to the detailing underneath, making the design stand out. In addition, you can easily make your own table using a pallet, an old door or a crate by simply putting a glass top on it. This will also showcase your DIY ability and creativity. Having a glass top can also make cleaning and maintenance of surfaces a lot easier.