How to Set Up a Bedroom for Small Children

Why do you think people prefer to have separate rooms for their younger kids? What makes them come to a decision like this? Are they trying to flee from the toys mess? No sane parent would want to separate themselves from their children at a young age, but this step is taken keeping their interest in mind. 

Two plush toys placed on a child's bed.

A young child needs to have a space of their own to develop the sense of independence and responsibility as they mature. It will help them paint their personality and identity without the influence of their parents. It acts as a safe space where they can be themselves. 

Essentials in a children bedroom 

Making out space in a house for younger kids can be challenging as mostly odd-shaped tiny spaces are left to be converted into a kid’s bedroom. But these small rooms can be styled in a way that will make them just as colorful and spacious as any other room in the house. 

Following are the essentials that are required in children’s bedrooms. Moreover, you will also learn how how to sell toys online effectively. And don’t forget to include the most adorable dolls as well. 

Tiny furniture 

Bedroom filled with tiny kid's furniture. 

Tiny furniture is preferred to save up the space that can be utilized for other activities. Furniture can be selected and swapped depending upon the growth and size of a child. 

A full-size bed can’t be adjusted into a kid’s room, so opt for small beds or cribs that can be converted into a bed. 

Children may have a huge wardrobe, but they fit in tiny clothes, so a small closet or chest of drawers would be ideal for covering the space. 

Storage and accessibility  

 Toys placed on a cabinet filled with storage units.

Toys accumulate most of the space in a kid’s bedroom, so it is important to assemble them. Tidiness should be encouraged by installing smart storage units in the room that the children can easily access. 

Under-bed storage units work wonders when it comes to storing the toys on a lower level where kids can access and assemble them back easily. These units or plastic boxes can be of bright colors to attract the kids. 

Wooden chests are a savior! They can be filled with tiny clothes to huge toys, all in the same space.

Attaching peg rails and baskets on the wall can effectively make more room for storage. 

Pull-out desk

Small wooden desk with a chair for kids. 

Squeezing a desk into a premium space can be impractical. Instead, a pull-out desk can be installed under a bed that appears only when needed. This can be an innovative way to save the area for other activities without compromising the study space. 

Built-in storage 

Built-in storage is a Godsend; it is the most creative way to assemble the massive pile of children’s belongings. A built-in closet can be installed on a wall while leaving some space for a desk or an open chest to fit in. 

These built-in items play multiple vital roles and should be installed in a children’s bedroom to make it more spacious and providing them the ground to move freely. 

How to set up a children bedroom 

Crib and wooden furniture placed in children's bedroom.

A children’s bedroom must have all the essentials mentioned above. Setting up and decorating a space to accommodate all their needs can be more challenging than it appears! Now keeping that in mind, you do have an idea of all the material you will require to fill in the space.

Following are the items required to set up and style the children’s bedroom. 

Buy the right bed 

There are various kinds of beds that you can choose from according to your preference. It depends on the size and length of the bed you are looking for.


White wooden crib besides a white wall.

It provides enough comfort and safety to convince the parents that they are putting their baby in comfortable bedding. It does not consume much space and promotes independent sleeping at a very early age. It also prevents the baby from moving around at night to unsafe areas or areas that are not yet baby-proofed. 

Many convert the crib into small single beds after their children exceed the age of two. Having a convertible crib will save you the effort of changing the room’s setting as it will require the same space. Also, it will cost you no money, and your child can enjoy the comfort of the same bedding. 


Interior of children bedroom with a bunk bed. 

If you are looking to accommodate two children in a room, then a bunk bed can be a great choice as it saves the floor space and proves to be cost-effective.

It can be later customized according to your needs depending upon whether you want to use the lower portion to fit the desk or a closet if the bedding is no longer required.

Add rugs or carpets

Colorful rug placed in a white room with wide-open doors. 

Nylon carpet is the best choice as far as it concerns a child’s bedroom, as the material is stain-resistant, more durable, and less expensive. Falling and tripping are a part of a child’s growth, and the hazards of those can be minimalized with the help of the thick padding of a carpet. 

If carpets are not installed in a bedroom, small rugs can be added to the play area to minimalize injuries. Also, to add more color to the room while framing the play area for the kids. 

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Add colors 

White crib placed against Bright Blue wall.

Walls can be painted with gender-specific colors. Blue hues for the boys while pink and purple hues for the girls.  Adding color can enhance their personality in comparison to dull colors. 

Interior of a room with a yellow neutral color. 

You can opt for neutral yet bright colors like yellow, red, and orange if you want to give them the liberty to choose the gender they specify once they mature. 

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Checklist to Baby-proof the room

White wooden crib with high rails.

Use the crib with the fixed rails, and don’t place it near the window. Also, ensure that no electrical cord is present near the crib that the kid can reach. 

Nightlights are a must, but they shouldn’t be kept in the reach of children as they tend to be hot. 

Install window guards to prevent it from opening more than a few inches. 

Box covers should be used to cover and hide the plug.

One-piece safety door stops should be used for safety. 

The medicine box needs to be placed on the top shelf, away from the children’s reach.

Insert smoke detectors and baby monitor to keep a check without being present in the room.

Avoid floor lamps as kids can bump into them, or it might cause an accident. They also have long wires, and children should be kept away from them at all costs. 


Setting up a children’s bedroom can be as challenging as any other room. Styling a room can be difficult as you have to make decisions regarding things as small as wall paint to the comfortable bedding required. It would help if you looked into different aspects to make the space safe for your children. 

Shifting children to a separate room is an important step that one must take to build and enhance the identity of their children. It will make them responsible from a young age and give them a sense of independence. 

But you can make sure that you are putting them in a safe environment by taking some precautions mentioned above.

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