4 tips for keeping your desktop clutter

Our desk is our workplace, is a really important and special place, where we can spend a lot of time and also dealing with issues that are important. Make it a nice, tidy, comfortable where we work and where we find everything easily save you time and help us to be more productive. Today, Lily Knight, brings you 4 tips that will help you with this: Lets talk about desktop clutter.

1. Get rid of anything that you really do not need

How many things end up on your desk that really need not be there, or that should not be there? Do you have papers that no longer serve? ¿Objects that have accumulated? ¿Paperweight they gave you, you’ve been letting things take place without laziness or forgetfulness? ¿Magazines, brochures, etc? Anything that does not have a clear use for your work should go on your desktop. What you like but have to be somewhere else, take it somewhere else. What not useful or do not like, see if you can give it to who can use it themselves, or if it is something that has to be thrown away.

desktop clutter

2. Use a file to your papers

You need to have a space where you have all your papers organized and within reach. Can be a file, a folder, carpesanos ring … Use a system that is comfortable and you do not have accumulated in your desktop papers. Even all you can scan and file directly to your computer or in the cloud, better, less things to sort and clean at home.
ft of your desktop will allow you to work much better and easier you focus on what you have to do there.

3. Designate a specific place for your “important” role

For that you do need to time your desktop, such as notes, bills payable, notes review … Use a baking paper, file or magazine cardboard, or any system that works for you, you allow yourself the papers by hand, but ordered.

4. Get rid of daily papers you no longer need

Every day when you finish your homework on the desktop to the trash pulls all the notes and papers that no longer serve and file who want to keep but do not go to use at the moment.
The goal is to have your desktop clear, comfortable and functional. Make this a habit.