How to Make Sure Your Home’s Windows Are Energy Efficient

There are several ways of ensuring that your home is energy efficient, and the most effective one is choosing high-quality windows.

Windows that feature a smart design and are made from proper materials can help you save money on energy bills and keep your home warm throughout the cold season.

Here are a few tips from Ecochoice Windows that will help you make sure that your home’s windows are energy efficient.

Choose Aluminum Window Frames

Homeowners have been using wood frames for their windows for centuries. While they have a classic look and are somewhat energy efficient, they are not the optimal choice for window frames.

The wood expands and contracts as it adapts to temperature changes. These structural modifications make wooden frames less energy efficient in the long-term.

On the other hand, aluminum window frames do not modify their size or thickness depending on temperature oscillations. As a result, they provide a better solution for energy-efficient homes than wood frames. Additionally, aluminum frames require less maintenance, and fewer or no paint jobs.

Your best choice of aluminum window frames is a product that features a low level of volatile organic compounds (VOC) in its composition. This way, the air in your home will maintain its good quality and not suffer from chemical infestation from the frame coating in the long run.

Control Solar Heat

Everyone loves having large windows that lure in plenty of sunlight even in winter. However, the same windows can generate too much heat and make your home unbearable on hot summer days.

Solar heat is not something you should take lightly. Excessive sunlight can affect the quality of your window frames, especially if they are made from wood. You need to take into consideration your home’s position following the sun and how much natural light you get throughout the year before choosing your windows.

One sure way to control the solar heat entering your home is to choose fixed aluminum louvers for your windows. These blade-shaped shades are easy to adjust and enhance or diminish the sunlight coming into your house.

Look for Energy-Efficient Aluminum Windows

At Ecochoice Windows, we take into consideration all the possible climate variations in your region before recommending windows for your home.

The first criteria that we take into account are your future windows to ensure perfect thermal conductivity and energy efficiency for your home. To address this issue, we recommend aluminum windows with thermal breaks that add an extra layer of insulation to your windows and which enhance the comfort of your home environment.

This type of window works better for double or triple-glazed windows. However, they can also reach their purpose in retrofitted windows that have double-glazed panes. Increasing the thermal conductivity in your windows can lead to a much more energy-efficient home and lower costs on heating and cooling bills.

Use Low-E Glass

When it comes to your home windows, you can opt for a blend of thermally efficient joinery with Low-E glass. This type of glass features a low-emissivity film that prevents your home from receiving too much solar heat. Instead, it allows for a moderate amount of natural light to come in and make your home comfortable at the same time.

Low-e glass coating for your windows controls the number of UV rays entering your home. It enhances protection for your family against sunlight-related diseases and maintains a high level of energy efficiency for your home.  Be sure to check out options like Windows Bristol as well.

Final Tips to Make Sure Your Home’s Windows Are Energy Efficient

Aluminum windows can provide better energy efficiency for your home than most windows with wooden frames. There are more advantages to using this type of windows, such as:


Aluminum windows come at a reasonable price in comparison with other types of windows.

Long-term resistance

Aluminum windows are strong enough to resist harsh weather elements for many years in a row.

Low maintenance

Aluminum windows require less frequent upkeep work and can resist for several years with minimal maintenance.

Energy efficiency

Aluminum windows provide a high level of insulation and prevent your home from losing precious heat in the cold season. In the summer, they should maintain indoor temperature and save you money on cooling bills. If you choose Low-e glass in combination with thermal breaks, you have an even better chance to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Easy on the eye

Besides being energy efficient, their pleasant look is another reason why so many homeowners choose aluminum windows for their homes.


Aluminum is 100% recyclable, which means that you can bring your support for a cleaner environment and recycle the windows if and when you change them.

These are the Ecochoice Windows tips for achieving better energy efficiency for your home. When you are ready to install new windows for your home, do not forget to consider aluminum windows for the many benefits they provide at affordable prices.