5 Elements Every Luxury Bathroom Must Have

A life of luxury is something many people wish to have. From luxury vacations to luxury cars, these are some highly coveted items people with a taste for the finer things in life wish to have. Of course, this list should also include a luxury home where you can enjoy every waking moment.

Luxury homes are popular not only for being picture-perfect, but also because of the many amenities they have. And one thing every luxury real estate must have is a luxurious bathroom.

It is worth noting, however, that not all dreams can be bought. Even if you have all the money in the world to purchase all of Dubai’s luxury penthouses for sale, you cannot always get what you want unless you know exactly what it is.

To make sure you do have that luxurious bathroom for your home, you should look into these five crucial elements:

1. Space

Many homes have utilitarian bathrooms. These are usually smaller to allow more room for other areas. This explains why having a spacious bathroom is considered a luxury.

A spacious bathroom always has the advantage when it comes to real estate, and for a good reason, too. The vast floor area will allow homeowners to bring as many pieces as they need to achieve their definition of luxury (Jacuzzi, anyone?).

However, this may not always be possible if your home is already built. In this case, the next best thing is to create an illusion of spaciousness. You can achieve this by ridding the room of visual clutter.

Visual clutter happens when your eye cannot rest due to the constant need to scan the things around you. In interior design, removing visual clutter means avoiding having too many different sizes, colours, types, and styles that make a room feel messy and cramped.

One way to do this is to transform your bathroom into a slightly monochromatic space. With this colour scheme, you can add small bits of luxurious details, like polished silver taps and door handles or clear shower room dividers.

Remember that while people don’t remember the exact dimensions of a bathroom, their memory about how they felt when they entered the room will stay with them. This can be useful when putting up your luxury property for sale in Dubai.

2. Light

Another key element that makes the biggest difference in any space is light.

One of the primary reasons people feel like a room is under-decorated (which makes it underappreciated) is the lack of proper lighting. Dark rooms are also associated with depression and anxiety and are, therefore, places people don’t want to spend time in. In contrast, bright and well-lit rooms feel cheery and more open.

However, for bathrooms, lighting isn’t always a priority because it is considered an internal room. But that just doesn’t work as an excuse anymore.

With solar tubes allowing sunlight from the roof into any room, you can already have a skylight anywhere in your home – even in your bathroom. Of course, if natural light is just too difficult to come by, you can always have high-quality lighting fixtures installed.

3. Materials

When you think about luxury bathrooms, you don’t normally imagine faded tiles, tired old sinks, and stained shiplap. This is why the materials used for different components of the bathroom design matter.

Luxury bathrooms are defined by how well-appointed and modern looking the materials they are made with. This goes for any feature – be it the vanity, toilet, tub, shower, and glass. All these contribute to how luxurious a bathroom looks and feels like.

Some materials that lend the space a comforting feel are ones that take the form of nature when used in bathroom fittings and features. This includes bamboo, hardwood, quartz, marble, and river rock.

Take the vanity, for example. Many people have a storage compartment underneath the countertop for some accessories, but not all of them pay attention to what it looks like. While it is often hidden, you can still change it up with some refined wooden storage spaces.

If you’re up for it, you can also overlay the countertop to create a high-end focal point for your luxury bathroom.

4. Texture

The texture is one element of interior design that makes you want to touch an object or surface. However, one thing that makes it challenging to incorporate into a luxury bathroom is the high level of maintenance these materials require.

Glossy surfaces like polished concrete and granite are not the problem. The issue is centred on materials like plush sheepskin rugs, soft and velvety curtains, and the like. While these textures do provide a sense of luxury, the wet and steamy environment inside the bathroom makes them a bit difficult to maintain.

Fortunately, there are other ways to add texture to luxury bathrooms. Rock or teak mats, stone floors, and plush towels and bathrobes hanging from the doorway could help you achieve the same effect.

5. Detailing

When you choose a bathroom design to create a luxurious space, you can choose between traditional themes to sleek and modern concepts.

Nowadays, the addition of free-standing baths, floor heating, and contemporary fittings are the most basic definition of luxury bathrooms. If you want to bring it one notch higher, you can also go for smart showers and Jacuzzis.

The key is to create a sense of grandeur with every detail.

Besides these stylish fittings and features, it is also a good idea to bring nature in. As one of the most enclosed spaces in the house, the bathroom needs a bit of the outdoors to make it into a nice space for relaxation after a hard day’s work.

Besides adding natural materials like wood and stone, you can also achieve a natural look by decorating it with plants. Below are some plants that could thrive in a bathroom even with only a little lighting:

  • Orchids – These flowering plants need a moist environment to thrive. They still need a bit of indirect sunlight, so be sure to put them near a window.
  • ZZ Plant – This dark green plant thrives in low-light situations better than most indoor foliage, making it the perfect choice for bathrooms without any windows.
  • Snake Plant – Like the ZZ plant, the snake plant is a hardy indoor plant that can survive even with minimal water and light. It also helps filter the air indoors.
  • Air Plants – As the name implies, these plants thrive even without soil. They do need a bit of light and moisture, so be sure to place them near a window and soak for about 12 hours every two or three weeks.

Bathrooms may not always take centre stage in a home, but they remain one of the primary elements people look into when it comes to luxury real estate. Use these elements to transform your bathroom into a luxurious element of your home.