How to choose porter cable Router

If you are planning to start the work of carpentry and wood work, finding the right tools is lately an important decision for you. What’s more, when it boils down to equipment, a porter cable 892 router is the most significant tool a carpenter could have in their stock. Purchasing a good porter cable router can be a precarious assignment, since it’s not like buying a hammer, a nail gun or hacksaw. You need to put a lot of thought into which tool you really need, since not all models and brands will support everything. Well, if you are looking for the best porter cable router, consider the following factors:

What is a porter cable router?

This is a hand device or power machine that carpenters or hobbyists use to rout (dig out) an area in a generally hard material such as wood or plastic. They are commonly handheld or attached with the cutting end-up in a router table.

1. Size

This router is a power machine that is generally used in a confined space. Similarly, it is coordinated with your hands for accurate cuts. For this reason, it is recommended to buy a compact and small machine. Any machine that falls into this category can easily be used in tight spaces. Storage is also easy because it doesn’t take up much space.

2. Weight

Besides the size, weight is another factor to consider if you plan to travel frequently from one place to another. A lightweight porter cable router can be very helpful for proficient craftsmen who occasionally need to move from one job site to another.

3. Reliability and Warranty

When cutting wood pieces and particularly hard ones, your router can confront a great deal of wear and tear after a while. This can cause various types of machine problems over time. Hence you should purchase a unit that is exceptionally sturdy and dependable and not affected by wear and tear. The simplest way to ensure this is by checking the warrant provided. While many types of routers accompany a 1-year warranty, other units even provide a 3-year warranty, which generally runs without problems for some time.

4. Price

For what it’s worth, these porter cable routers are excellent models to spend your money on. And that’s because the amount of work which you will complete with them will surely pay the amount spent on buying one. However, we all have a budget to follow, and if you are not willing to spend a lot of money on a quality tool, you’ll still find a well-known brand at an affordable price.

5. Compatibility

If you already have a router table or bench, you need to buy a porter cable router that goes well with your table or bench. Therefore, make sure you buy a router that is compatible with your working table. Luckily many models available nowadays are compatible with numerous router benches, so you don’t have to worry. But in any case, check if the unit if is compatible with other tools. The same applies to base plates templates and guides. You do not want to get stuck with a tool that is just perfect for one sort of template because this will constrain your creativity and carpentry.

6. Power Rating

This is another important factor that needs to be checked when buying a Porter cable router. You need to make sure that the model you selected has enough power. The easiest way to check this is to determine the included HP rating. It incorporates choices such as 1.25 HP or 2 HP porter routers. As a rule, a higher power rating leads to better performance for the customer and guarantees that you have no problems cutting hardwood materials. Not surprisingly, higher power rating can result in higher energy consumption. Therefore, you should choose a machine that offers a balance between output power and energy consumption for high proficiency.

7. Motor Speed Rating

Another crucial factor to consider is the engine speed rating. As you can see from the name, it essentially means the revolution speed of a given electric engine. And since many porter are electric powered, checking its engine speed rating is extremely vital.

8. Instruction manual

The guidance manual will be simple to read and comprehend by users of all ages and experience. A step by step manual is also included to help clients with any kind of problem.

9. Brand/maker

Is the brand really important? Yes it is. Particularly when it arrives to routers, since you will require that assertion of value and execution which will reflect in your carpentry. Brands frequently offer warranties to clients and also the assurance that the tool will not break. Obviously they can’t guarantee that the machine is completely impeccable, but at least they provide a kind of affirmation compared to no-name tools. Fortunately you don’t need to use up every last cent to manage a high-quality router by a popular brand so there is no reason why you shouldn’t choose one. Regardless, branded items will last you longer, subsequently save you time and cash for future undertakings too.

10. Dust collection system

A porter cable router will come integrated with an excellent dust collection system or sack. This is an extremely advantageous feature that a lot of models should have. The dust collection system permits a vacuum to be included with the unit itself so it can accumulate all the dirt and dust when the porter works. This is an awesome feature for clients who are dealing with breathing issues. In addition, your work place stays clean and uncluttered simultaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions

A. Where are porter cable routers made?

The main company porter cable is located in Jackson, Tennessee. Assembling in the United States has for the most part stopped; tools are currently designed in Mexico and China.

B. What is a porter cable router?

This is a hand device or power machine that carpenters or hobbyists use to rout (dig out) an area in a generally hard material such as wood or plastic. They are commonly handheld or attached with the cutting end-up in a router table.

C. How do I change the depth of my router?

Step 1: First, start by positioning the router. Put the unit on the work surface and immerse it until the shaper touches the surface.

Step 2: Configure the depth of the router cutter. Increase the depth and to coordinate how deep the cut should be.

D. Who makes the best plunger router?

  1. Triton TRA001 Plunge Router – Top Pick.
  2. Bosch MRP23EVS Plunge Router – The Runner-Up.
  3. Makita RT0701CX7 Plunging Router Kit – Best for the Money.
  4. DEWALT DWP611PK Plunge Wood Router Kit.
  5. Ryobi RE180PL1G 2HP Plunge-Routing Tool.


Porter cable routers are excellent power machines for all carpenters as they can do various errands that are very difficult to perform physically. You can make slots of defined depth and length, cut sharp edges, make holes, and numerous different tasks that are conceivable with the assistance of a porter cable router. Therefore, we have listed features to consider when looking for the best porter cable router.