8 Useful Garage Door Safety Tips

Garage doors are one of the most essential components of your home, and with the rapidly pacing technology, we are now coming across new automatic garage doors featuring updated features.

In spite of having the best kind of garage door, it is undeniable that garage doors DO pose safety hazards. In fact, as per the American Society of Home Inspectors, around 15,000 people in the US face injuries every year from garage doors.

To prevent yourself from such injuries, it is best to follow some safety tips, like the EIGHT safety tips we have outlined for you. You can also check out Related Site for more great options.

1. Keep the Area Near the Door Clear

The area near and beside the garage door should be free from all kinds of obstructions whether they are children, animals or even your property. In case that garage doors suffer from any damage, they can immediately hurt anyone or anything in front, which can be your kid or your pet or your car.

2. Watch Out For Your Fingers

Finger injuries are too common with handling garage doors. As minute as they are, they can cost you a lot. So watch out for your fingers whenever dealing with your garage door.

3. Examine the Reverse Function

If you have an automatic garage door, do test the reverse function periodically. Garage doors tend to reverse automatically if they detect an obstruction. To ensure that they are working fine, place something soft underneath it such as a roll of paper towels.

4. Check the View from the Electric Eye

An electric eye is found above the garage door opening and works like a sensor. It spots anyone or anything in front of it and stops the door from moving accordingly. Check your electric eye regularly if it is working properly.

5. Install Digital Locks

Do not rely on simple sliding bolt systems and instead go for digital locks. Keep the code to yourself and only share it with your trusted people. If you use a remote control, do not leave it in the open.

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6. Keep the Springs in Check

Springs have to be replaced or adjusted as they can wear out over time. However, the adjustment and replacement process is rather dangerous as they can detach and fly off at anything in front of them.

Keep the springs in check and try to get a professional whenever dealing with your springs.

7. Learn to Operate the Door Manually

You should be capable of dismantling your doors manually since there can be power outages or storms, and you will be left unable to operate your automatic door. You can take help from the owner’s manual in this regard.

8. Schedule a Monthly Inspection

Every month, make an overall inspection of your garage door hardware. Check for rusty, disconnected or broken parts and note down if they need repairing.