How Much Does an Online Divorce Costa

Divorce is not only physical or psychological stress is also a financial challenge for the average person. Some people have to suffer in unhappy relationships because they cannot afford to pay for divorce services. But the thing is, that they don’t know the ways to make the procedure fast and cheap.

To calculate the estimated cost of your divorce, you need to investigate all possible ways of getting divorced and decide on your most appropriate one. This will help you to look through predictable expenses and set your financial plan for the nearest future. Yet, you should have some extra money to be ready for force majeure situations.

Find the Most Appropriate Way to Get Divorced

When you are ready to set on your divorce procedure you should precisely know all your targets and conditions you look for. They will predetermine the way you are going to get divorced. Although quick divorce online is the cheapest option you may be offered, with a contested divorce it may be not beneficial for you. If you haven’t agreed on all the details of the divorce with your ex-spouse, you’d better go through it with a good divorce attorney, since the outcomes of the divorce may have a great impact on your further life.

  • Divorce with a lawyer – if you decided to get divorced using lawyer’s services, save money beforehand because it may cost you a fortune. Usually, divorce attorneys charge their services hourly, which is on average $200 but may go over $600, if the case is complicated or the attorney is widely demanded. Apart from that phone calls, fax, email help, and even time the attorney spends on thinking on your case are also charged. The fees you will pay to your divorce attorney depends on the details of your case. Whether you have disagreements with your spouse, business to share, mutual children, debts or possessions. It will only add to the total divorce cost. If you go through the hearing or trial or the divorce procedure is somehow prolonged the attorney’s fees will be certainly higher. In general, attorney fees for the settled case may be on average $2,000-3,000. If the divorce case is more complicated and deals with court, you will have to pay over $15,000 to your attorney.
  • Divorce without a lawyer – If you have most issues settled between you and your partner, there is no need to waste a fortune on the divorce attorney. If you are ready to put in some efforts, legal divorce online is the best way to deal with your divorce case. When calculating your future expense, mind, that most online divorce services fees don’t cover state filing fees which are usually between $100 and $500.
  • Online divorce services – there are multiple platforms for completing online divorce, offering the widest range of divorce services. If you are going through an uncontested divorce, this is a perfect choice for you. Choose a website, register, go through the questionnaire and get a customized set of documents with full instructions on how to fill out the forms. Don’t bother about some problems or misunderstandings, since you can always ask the platform customer support team for help. Such services will cost you around $200 plus obligatory filing fees.
  • DIY divorce – if you are looking for cheap divorce online and are ready to take all the responsibility and put in some decent efforts, DIY divorce is all for you to save as much as possible. Most state or county official websites offer free online or downloadable forms to fill out. So, follow the instructions carefully and do everything yourself, so that you will pay only the obligatory filing fees. Yet, it is highly recommended to get a specialist look at your documents to avoid the return and additional filing. Still, if you are confident enough, work hard and get divorced at the lowest fees.
  • Online divorce with a solicitor – many online divorce platforms also offer additional services of a solicitor to look through your documents and give advice on the best way out as to your case. It is not an obligatory option but is usually recommended if you have a more complicated divorce case. The online solicitor will cost you around $300 additionally to the rest of the services.

Overall, making the cheap divorce your primary aim is not the best way to deal with it. Properly set the priorities and bother about your safety and comfort. You should understand that all the efforts and money you spend on your divorce case will predetermine all the benefits you get after the end of the procedure.

Tips on Cheap Divorce

Don’t expect to get divorced for peanuts, yet thorough research and good tips will grant you decreased expenses and saved health. If you put some decent efforts to get a cheap online divorce, it may have a beneficial effect on your financial state and overall outcomes of the divorce.

  • Do research – don’t deprive yourself of a rich choice of offers you can find on the Internet an real life. Go through useful articles, read comments, ask experienced friends and relatives and decide on the most profitable way to deal with your case.
  • Uncontested divorce – try to settle all the arguments on your own, so you can file for an uncontested divorce. It will definitely save you a fortune.
  • Mediation – if your efforts to make a deal with your spouse don’t work, you should try mediator’s services. It will cost you $100-300 for an hour. But the thing that you may end up with a cheap uncontested divorce will save you even more.
  • Reliable website – be careful, choosing the right website. Low divorce fees may be a trap for a person looking for a cheap divorce. Read comments and feedback on different sources before you make any crucial decisions as to your divorce platform.

The more you plan everything, the more beneficial results you will get. Put in some efforts and do your best to deal with our divorce case with no fuss.