8 Fun Activities To Do With Your Teenage Son

Nothing is better than spending a fun day with your children. If you have a teenage son, however, you may find it difficult some days to find an activity you both enjoy doing together. If you are both bored with the same activities you always do, below are some great alternatives to consider. Each of these can be the answer to your weekend woes when wanting to have some quality family time.

1. Gel Blaster Range

If you don’t want your teenage son handling a real gun, you may decide to spend the day shooting gel blaster gun at a local range or field. They differ from Airsoft or paintball guns because the ammo is smaller and mostly filled with water. They also hurt a lot less than getting hit with a powerful paintball gun. If you have a large yard to play in, consider purchasing your own set of Gel Blaster SAW M249 guns. The guns are affordable, and the ammo is inexpensive as well. Best of all, there is essentially no clean up when you finish playing.

2. Get Active

Another way to have fun with your teenage son is to find activities where you both get active. There are many activities to do including sports, exercising, taking hikes or swimming. The type of activity you both decide to do together may depend on what time of year it is. During the summer, swimming and other water sports may be more enjoyable. During the winter months, consider activities such as skiing, snowboarding, sledding or building a snowman together. Weekly trips to the gym together are also a great way to spend quality time with each other while staying healthy.

You can also have fun with a cornhole tournament with your son and his friends. Get some funny cornhole bags they’ll be sure to love.

3. Movies

Everybody loves watching movies, but when your son becomes a teenager, you will have a larger list of movie options to choose from. You can pick a movie at the movie theater to attend or set up a movie marathon at home on services like UWatchfree. During the weekend, gather your favorite movies and foods, and stay up late enjoying quality time together.

4. Visit Amusement Park

If your teenage son is like most others, they may be excited to spend the day at an amusement park with you. You can spend the day together riding roller coasters and other rides and enjoying yummy food. Choose an amusement park you can both enjoy while attending shows and getting thrills on the rides.

5. Community Service

Fun activities with your teenage son do not always have to include spoiling yourselves. Another option is to complete some community service together. This is a great way to show your teenage son the world does not revolve around just him. It does not have to be a tough lesson, but it could be a great way to work together and help people in your community. Opportunities to volunteer together will help you bond with your teenager and can elevate your relationship.

6. Road Trip

If you have the time and the money, a road trip can be a great way to have fun with your teenage son and bond. During the weeks leading up to your road trip, sit down together and plan out where you would like to visit. Be sure you visit places both of you will enjoy. The places you visit, the food you eat and the scenery you see can bring about hours of conversation and lifelong memories. A tip to making the most of your road trip is to take the scenic route instead of the interstate because you often see more random places to visit.

7. Board Game Night

Another fun activity to plan, especially when you don’t have a lot of money to spend, is a game night at home. If your teenage son is willing, you can host a game night at home and invite some of his friends. The best part is that most families already have cabinets full of games to choose from.  Simply buy cheap darts and you can have fun playing darts game with your boy.

8. Bowling Or Miniature Golf

Two fun activities that are classic to enjoy with your teenage son are bowling and miniature golf. Each of these is a simple sport that anyone can have fun playing. Cheer each other on through the games, and be sure not to take it too seriously for the most possible enjoyment.

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