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Do it yourself greenhouse designs

A greenhouse can be described as an indoor and outdoor environment. Create the feeling of being outside but can be enjoyed in all weather conditions. Decorate it to match your house or decoration adds fun. The design of a greenhouse must match the type of house to which it is attached. A greenhouse not ultra modern cube style combined with a plantation-style house. A greenhouse facing south may need blinds to keep the summer sun but will act as a passive heating in the winter.



Decide if the greenhouse is reinforced with glass or screens. A greenhouse screens is cheaper to build, allows air to flow more freely and has more foreign feeling. A greenhouse glass makes it easier to control the temperature and is safer, but more expensive windows.

Find the measures. Use a tape measure to determine the location and size of the greenhouse . Includes lengths, widths and heights of the walls. The roof probably one under the eaves of the roof of the existing house and can be tilted down to facilitate the fall of water from rain. Draw a plan showing the sizes and heights of the windows or screens and the location and size of the doors.

Explore the greenhouses games. Search online or visit a local store and get information on different styles, price and ease of installation of games emissions . They can install the owner and may be made ​​of glass, aluminum or vinyl. Some games can be customized to meet the needs and choices of each individual design. Takes note of the nicest design ideas to use in your design.

Determines the type of material and quantity for your design. This will include a concrete or wood floor and a blanket for the mime, aluminum or wood frames, walls and coating if necessary, windows or screens material, doors, ceiling beams, posts and beams for a flat roof materials plus roof nails, screws and bolts. Some greenhouses have glass ceilings and skylights. Compare the costs and potential time to start it from scratch or using a game.

Plan the furnishings and decor to match your theme. Rattan furniture or cane and tropical plants in colorful pots create the feel of a tropical island, while cactus plants, patterns southwest and saltillo floor tiles create a greenhouse like a Mexican hacienda. Alternatively, wood furniture upholstered with floral designs and a riot of flowering plants can give the greenhouse a style of English country garden.