Do CBD Gummies Need To Be Refrigerated?

Many people are interested in the effects of CBD gummies, but some question whether or not they need to be refrigerated. The answer is a resounding yes! If you don’t store your cbd gummies correctly, they may lose their potency and become ineffective. There are many benefits to storing your cbd gummies properly including keeping them fresh longer and preventing bacteria growth.

How to Store CBD Gummies

Keep them in a fridge

Store CBD gummies in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. If you store them inside of the fridge, make sure to keep them sealed up so they do not absorb any smells or flavors.

Use a container

Make sure that the container is airtight! This will ensure no moisture gets into your cbd gummies which can cause molding. You might also want to wrap each individual one with plastic wrap for extra protection against bacteria growth if you are going to be storing it longer than two weeks.

Keep them in a dark place

Store your cbd infused gummy bears in a dark place. This will help prevent the colors from fading and losing their potency over time.

Avoid touching with the hand

You’ll be tempted but try not to handle each individual piece too much–this may leave oils behind which can cause molding. You don’t want anything that tastes like cannabis oil left all over your fingers either 😉 Just kidding; I know this is a question for some people out there haha! If you are worried about re

If you use these easy steps, then your CBD gummies should last much better – anywhere between three months and six months! And don’t worry about refrigerating all other cannabis products like oils either because this just applies specifically

3 Reasons to Keep CBD-Infused Gummies in Your Fridge

Moisture and Humidity

Moisture and humidity can cause mold, which will ruin the potency of your gummies. So make sure to always store them in a cool and dry place!

Sources of Heat

Be careful to store your cbd gummy bears in a place that is free of sources of heat.

Keep them at room temperature or below (at least 41 degrees Fahrenheit). Do not leave these on the dashboard, near windows and doors, or anywhere else where they might come into contact with high temperatures!

Never put them directly onto an oven rack or stove top–this can cause problems like melting chocolate and resealing plastic wrappers without you noticing. If you want to warm them up for some reason, it’s best to do so by putting them in a bowl of hot water rather than leaving them out in the open air.


Bugs can cause molding and other problems, so make sure that you store your CBD-infused gummies in a container with an airtight seal.

It doesn’t matter if it’s plastic or glass–just be sure to keep them sealed up!

If bugs do get into the package, then discard all of the contents instead of trying to salvage some for yourself. And always wash your hands after handling these products in order to prevent any bacteria from spreading around on your fingers and reaching more food or surfaces later.

Never leave open packages where they might come into contact with pests like ants either because this will just lead to disaster down the line!


With the recent legalization of CBD products, more people are interested in using them for their health and wellness needs. However, before jumping into any new product or trend, it’s important to do your research. In this blog post, we cover dose information as well as storage tips that can help you decide if CBD gummies need to be refrigerated.