Dividing A Large Garage

Dividing your large garage into several smaller areas could make it feel welcoming, provide privacy, and generally improve productivity. Or, perhaps you wish to repurpose the garage for something else? Regardless of the reason, there are ways to divide the space which don’t require much work or money spending.

There is no need to construct permanent, rigid walls. The long construction periods, constant noise, and high costs are not worth it. Permanent walls are there to stay, and you cannot remove them without hiring a demolition crew.

Dividing a large garage can be expensive or time-consuming, but there are solutions. This article will list ideas that are cheaper and portable. If you wish to divide your garage space with style, here are seven great ideas to try.

1. Using a plant wall

Some decorative bushes are rather tall. Their vertical height is enough to reach the ceiling. Placing them next to each other can form a long, natural wall. One thing to worry about is whether enough light reaches the plants. With regular care and love, your new natural wall will fulfill its duties: looking amazing and dividing the garage.

You could also use a table and position flowers instead. They are not as tall as typical bushes, but the wall will remain strong.

2. Metal Dividers

You could use metal sculptures to divide your garage. While not the best idea for privacy, their looks makes up for it.

With wild creativity, you could design your metal sculpture and use it as a garage divider. It can resemble plants, lines, or anything you think of. Of course, such dividers are common in retail shops as well.

3. Using Curtain Walls

Another great idea would be to use curtain divider walls for your garage. With the use of special mounts or tracks, such curtains can slide side-to-side and create an opening within the garage. Curtain walls are one of the most efficient choices on this list. They are great for privacy, require no maintenance, and will be useful in other areas of the house.

Some garage curtains use vinyl and are easy to clean. This material is common in industrial applications and can withstand years of use. Another great benefit is the price. Curtain dividers go for a fraction of the cost of permanent walls and will be useful for other tasks; not only room separation.

The “accordion curtains” deserve a mention. They act as a door between two areas and can slide from one side to another with ease.

4. Furniture Or Bookshelves

Repositioning your furniture or purchasing a new one could do the trick. With the use of coffee tables, sofas, or daybeds, you could easily divide a room. However, if you want to fully separate both halves of the garage, the use of larger furniture is necessary.

Bookshelves could be excellent room dividers. They are common in households and give off a sense of enlightenment. Some bookshelves are tall enough to reach the ceiling for better privacy. Think of libraries – they often resemble a large hall, and the bookshelves act as the walls which separate different sections.

5. Reed Walls

Common in areas with warmer climates, reed walls are inexpensive and easy to create. They represent another natural solution for partitioning space. Reed walls have been popular for centuries. Their natural look would greatly improve the garage’s aesthetics while providing decent privacy.

During construction, reed spears are pressed together with large force and bound with galvanized wire. As a result, they have amazing durability and will last for years to come. Such walls are common in restaurants and will always be a popular choice.

6. Repurposing Your Old Windows Or Garage Shelves

While not the most elegant choice, using old windows can give your garage an industrial look. By choosing to use your old windows as a garage divider, you will save money.

The downsides are the lack of privacy in windows with glass and the need to often clean them. Old windows are a short-term solution as they won’t last as long as other solutions in the list.

Using your garage shelves will do the trick as you only need to reposition them.

7. Sliding Doors Or Panels

Using sliding doors as a garage divider is an awesome idea as they can have different structures and a wide range of looks to choose from. Similar to curtain dividers, doors and panels have their custom designs.

You can position the sliding doors to fit inside of walls. When active, the doors would seal off the opening and provide full privacy. If you wish, they can use transparent materials that keep the garage space lit.

Similar to curtains, doors come in different colors and materials. You can easily discover the perfect combination for your garage.


You can use all sorts of furniture, plants, structures, and curtains to separate your garage into multiple areas. There are different customization options to choose from. By dividing your large garage, you can improve privacy, boost productivity, create a new area for other activities, and reorganize the space.