Home Office Furniture Buying Guide – 2021

With our home offices put together rather impromptu last year, it is time for a redesign of your home office. By adding modern touches to your home office furniture, you can turn your home office into a more productive and comfortable place. If you would like to learn how the professionals do it, take notes on the following 2021 buying guide for home office furniture. You can also click the link to learn more about the best adjustable table height here.

1. Start with the Most Important Piece – The Desk

The most crucial part of every home office is the desk. Depending on your home and the space in your office, you will have to make a crucial decision. Do you need a corner desk? Perhaps you need the desk to be on wheels to move when you need it to? Or, you require a desk that doesn’t look like a desk because once you are done working you want to convert the desk into your vanity. With space being a factor, you have many sizes to choose from as well as an array of modern to traditional styles. From glossy white and chrome to wood and natural tones, you can get ideas from these 2021 home office trends.

2. Complement the Desk with a Chair for Your Needs

Most remote workers last year used any old chair that was available. However, after a very trying year and many sore backs, it is time to revamp your office chair. Let’s face it. The extra kitchen chair doesn’t cut it forty hours a week. Shop wisely as there isn’t a one-chair-fits-all. You want to find something that is comfortable for you as well as functional. Many choose a chair that is ergonomically designed with adjustable for height of the seat as well as arms.  Additionally, the majority of people opt for chairs with wheels, but this is your chair. Select something that works for your needs and your space.

3. Add Storage Elements to Declutter Your Workstation

Over the last several years there has been a trend to declutter, organize, and minimize stuff around the home and office. Probably the professional organizer that made decluttering popular was Marie Kondo. In her books and programs, she stressed that if it doesn’t give you joy throw it out. However, if you are like most people, it is hard to throw things out, but you can organize your stuff better to declutter also. So, adding storage elements is vital to organize your workstation for your highest productivity. These elements could include a bookcase, shelving units, filing cabinets, cubby organizers, and drawers. What is important is that you will use the elements not just pile up books, folders, and more on your desk.

4. Put a Bit of Inspiration Up in Your Office

Since this is your home office, you can add a bit of yourself or at least some inspiration to keep you going on those long days or video conferences. You can choose from favorite prints from your local museum, posters from previous or future travels, and/or motivational quotes. It is important to choose something that connects with you. You don’t have to compromise with your colleagues. This is your space. Make it optimal for you to lead to your most effective and productive year yet.

5. Good Lighting Is Always Overlooked – Don’t Do It!

Whether you prefer natural lighting or a desk lamp, make sure you have enough of it. That means you may want to rearrange your office to allow direct sunlight from a window or skylight to your workstation. If you don’t have that option, you must find a lamp or two. Good lighting gives you a boost of energy. Additionally, having quality lighting is better for your eyes. Be good to them. You only have two of them. Lastly, with as many video conferences that you will be doing, the enhanced lighting will do wonders for your meetings. When feeling a little uninspired, turn on a light or look out the window for natural light.

Get a jumpstart on 2021 and your professional space by revamping your home office furniture. It’s easy to do with this guide walking you through the best ideas, trends, and where to start. An office is more than just where you place your laptop. It is where you spend the majority of your day. Make sure that you are comfortable with your desk and chair. Be aware of how clutter distracts you from your main tasks. Also, be kind to your eyes with quality lighting. Lastly, put a little inspiration up in your office. Find a great print, poster, or quote to make you smile.