Different types of mattresses

You have possibly heard that a good night of sleep is one of the best ways to improve your health. However, you cannot have good sleep on an uncomfortable or unsupportive mattress, the reason purchasing a high-quality mattress in Singapore is an excellent investment when you need to unlock a better sleeping experience. To assist you with that, let us have a look into the different types of mattresses available for you to buy from.

1. Memory foam mattresses

These are mattresses that are entirely made of foam. The mattresses do not include any coils, and they can contour to the body for optimal pain and pressure relief. After purchasing a memory foam mattress, I would recommend that you get a moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial mattress cover to reduce the buildup of allergens.

Recommended for: Side sleepers

These mattresses are known for their motion isolation, which makes them an excellent choice for couples, people who do not change their sleeping positions throughout the night, or side sleepers.

Not recommended for: Hot sleepers or stomach sleepers

The dense material of memory foam mattresses tends to trap the body heat. As a result, the mattresses are not suited for people who naturally sleep hot. The only exception is for models that integrate cooling agents such as gel, copper, and graphite.

Additionally, memory foam mattresses are not recommendable for stomach sleepers. The reason is the super-soft feel of the foam which is not firm enough for stomach sleepers.

2. Latex mattresses

These mattresses are made of synthetic material or rubber. This material provides a gentle bounce-back, which makes them an exceptional choice for those who move while sleeping. What’s more, the mattresses help with the distribution of the weight, a measure that provides support for the joints. Latex mattresses are more durable than memory foam mattresses. However, note that these mattresses are available for a higher price tag.

Recommended for: Hot sleepers and eco-friendly sleepers

Latex mattresses feature a naturally cooling effect. As a result, they do not trap in the heat, which makes them an excellent option for people who naturally sleep hot.

Besides that, latex mattresses are made of natural and organic materials, which means that you do not have to worry about allergens that could affect your health.

Not recommended for: Users who need deep pressure relief.

Despite being soft and cozy, latex mattresses do not provide contoured support or a hug similar to that provided by memory foam mattresses. Thus, these mattresses can’t provide deep pressure relief at the hips or shoulders. Moreover, I would not recommend latex mattresses to people who are allergic to latex.

3. Innerspring mattresses

Innerspring mattresses

Also referred to as coil mattresses, innerspring mattresses are mattresses that contain steel springs. These springs can be in a continuous form or individually pocketed in a fabric. Innerspring mattresses are firm, supportive, and bouncy. However, these mattresses have limited motion isolation, which means that they are not able to prevent motion transfer between the sleepers.

Recommended for: Hot sleepers, heavy sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers

If you naturally sleep hot, I would recommend an innerspring mattress for you. These mattresses provide a consistent airflow to protect them from trapping the heat. As a result, the mattresses do not trap moisture which means that they do not encourage mold, mildew, or dust mites.

Moreover, these mattresses are an ideal choice for people who require major support including back sleepers, heavier sleepers, and stomach sleepers.

Not recommended for: People with back pain or shoulder pain

If you need a high-quality mattress in Singapore that will relieve you from hip pain, back pain, or shoulder pain, I wouldn’t recommend an innerspring mattress since it doesn’t play a role in easing you from such pain or pressure.


The mattress you purchase can result in a better sleeping experience or it can ruin your sleep and health. Thus, avoid settling for any mattress that is available for you but take keen consideration to ensure that you purchase a mattress that is fully designed to support you for the best sleeping experience.