Can You Leave Electric Patio Heaters Outside?

Electric patio heaters are built for the outside. With options like the portable Bromic patio heaters, you can turn any outdoor location into a cozy and comfortable setting. You can easily control the temperature range, switch the heater on and off as required, and save on costs.

The article will look at electric patio heaters, their advantages, and if you can leave them outside.

What are Electric Patio Heaters?

Electric patio heaters are exactly what their name suggests; it is an outdoor heating solution that uses electricity as a power source. These heaters are available in different mounting options like wall, ceiling, recessed, and pole mounts, among others. There are also portable options available with built-in wheels, which you can leverage to get the heater through tighter spaces.

Advantages of Using Electric Patio Heaters

  • You can cover and heat more outdoor space using an electric patio heater. They can heat not just the surrounding areas but the entire area efficiently.
  • They are well constructed to face the weather conditions outside. You can use electric heaters for years. There are models specially designed for coastal environments.
  • Electric patio heaters are generally safer and easier to use than other types of patio heaters.
  • Depending on the model, some heaters offer wind resistance.
  • Some heaters like the Bromic patio heaters come equipped with wireless control capabilities. You can remotely control the heater.

Can You Leave Electric Patio Heaters Outside?

Compared to other heating solutions like natural gas, propane, or even fire, electric patio heaters can be safely used in different outdoor conditions. If you have a roofed area outside, an open deck, or a screened porch, electric patio heaters can be used to heat any of these outdoor locations.

If you have a covered porch or a gazebo or if you want to put out a tent in your backyard, these patio heaters can be safely used in these settings.

These heaters are designed to work efficiently, keeping in mind the weather conditions outside. They are well insulated and can be left outside in torrential rains or cold weather for long periods. If you enjoy having a cup of hot chocolate out on your patio in the winters, then you can comfortably continue to do so with an electric patio heater.

Ensure the heaters are appropriately mounted or weighted, especially if you live in windy areas. According to the NFPA’s safety guidelines, ensure the heaters are directly plugged into wall outlets. Do not use multiple extension cords as an alternative for permanent wiring. In the case of portable heaters, ensure they are at a distance of 3 ft from anything that could burn.

Utilize Outdoor Spaces with Electric Patio Heaters

Electric heaters like the Bromic patio heaters are available in different sizes and models. You can make a commercial outdoor dining area comfortable for diners or have a cozy evening out on your patio. There are several ceiling or wall mounting and portable options for you to explore. If you are looking for a safe, effective, and easy-to-use outdoor heating solution, electric patio heaters would be the way to go.