Decorating with Gold

Gold means glamor. It’s one of those metallic colors that can easily catch one’s attention. It’s a rich hue that has been used in interior decoration way back to Ancient Egypt, and until every period and almost every style. Before, it was used to show the homeowner’s wealthy status, and it was like saying “Hey, we’re so rich that we can afford these gold furniture and gold leaf ceiling!”

Today gold is still used, but very sparingly because too much could seem gaudy. You don’t want your home to look like it is 1970’s again (unless you’re really rooting for that look). Gold may appear aged and traditional, but it can also look modern and metallic when used in just the right amounts.

The trick with using gold as decoration is you only have to treat it like jewelry, mix it in or make a statement. It’s your call. Here are some suggestions on how to achieve that:

1. Add gold accents to your wall with wallpaper.

A contemporary living room with sleek furniture can be brightened up with a little glam like wallpaper with stripes of gold. An entrance hallway can have gold-patterned wallpaper to create a “wow” effect. Gold on walls can perk up space; just don’t overdo it to avoid making the area an eyesore.

2. Use golden textiles.

Add a lavish touch to any room by putting up gold silk curtains, but only put it on walls with subdued colors to keep the look subtle. Spread a golden tablecloth on your dining table to create an effortless focal point to your dining area and pair it with light-hued wooden chairs for a sophisticated look. Put a golden bedsheet to the bed on the master’s bedroom to add a feeling of grandeur.

3. Opt for a golden sofa or golden bed.

Make comfort look like a literal luxury you can afford by choosing a gold bed or sofa. Sit and sleep like royalty! Achieve the look by picking a gold gilt sofa or a bed with golden ornate frame. It would look best when paired with cream rugs and dark furniture to ensure a clean look. You can choose a subtler look by picking a gold velvet couch for the living room and gold pillowcases for your white bed.

4. Pair it with softer textures.

When using gold pieces and mirrors in a single space, mix it with different textures that are soft, like velvet, wool, and mohair. It creates a visual balance and a nice contrast to make gold stand out on their own.

5. Paint your furniture with gold.
5. Paint your furniture with gold.

Perk up your old furniture by painting it with gold. If you have an old side table, chairs or small drawer with obvious imperfections, spray paint it with gold to make it look new again. But do it only for small pieces of furniture. Your big dressers and bookshelves can use gold just on the frames and knobs. Use gold only in moderation to keep it interesting.

6. Use gold in kitchen cabinets.

Who says gold only belongs to the living room and bedrooms? If you’re feeling a lot bolder, you can have a metallic kitchen cabinet colored in gold! You may feature gold on one side or use it for all your kitchen cabinets – but if you are going to use it for all of them, make it a subtle gold. Pair it with a neutral palette like wooden floors and black countertops, or other subtle elements like light marble granite or tiles.

7. Mix and match with metallics.

Metallic décor has gained popularity once again, so gold can be mixed with silver or bronze and still be OK. Or perhaps, you can use rose gold rather than the usual yellowish gold, because it’s one of those colors on trend today. These metallic colors can be incorporated into decorative pieces like clocks, photo frames, mirror frames, vases, candle holders, lamps and more. For instance, you can have a sleek desk and chair with golden frames and put a bronze lamp and silver pencil holders on top. Just keep the surfaces like the top of the chair and desk in neutral colors like black or white, while situated against a subdued plain wall.

8. Pair gold with natural pieces.

Yes, gold is luxurious and elegant, but it will not shine if not complemented by subtle and natural touches. When using a golden piece of decoration, whether it’s on the walls or on top of flat surfaces, complement it with something organic like a woven wicker basket, greenery or wood. Using natural accents alongside gold would create a sophisticated and balanced look on your interior. If your gold piece of décor has a patina, it looks great on industrial interiors that normally incorporates natural touches.

9. Mix it in modern pieces.

Gold is your color to go to achieve an eclectic look. It’s perfect spark-giver for a bohemian styled room with modern artworks on the wall, ornate rugs on the floor and quirky pieces of furniture. Just hang an antique gold mirror and have it surrounded by your modern art pieces to add some pedigree.

10. Pair gold with black.

A black and gold scheme can give a room a sophisticated and glamorous look. Pair a gold bedsheet with a black pillow or a black bedside table for a toned down classy look. Put a golden wall clock above a low black cabinet for display to add an interesting focal point. Place a gold couch opposite a black fireplace to create a complementing appearance on your living room. Black and gold patterned wallpapers, tiles, pillowcases and wall art looks pleasing to the eyes.