Decorating Empty Corners

Do you have a weird, empty corner in your home that you have no idea what to do? Make the unused space functional and beautiful with these suggestions. Some may be something you have already thought of, but you may find an interesting and doable idea that would be perfect for the empty space in your house.

1. Display art.

If you have space to spare, displaying some art will always be a good way to give it a decorative touch. From awkwardly empty, turn the wall into an awesome gallery by fulling it up wall art. Choose a theme to make it visually appealing. People don’t often fix their eyes on corners, but a corner full of art will keep your guests’ eyes focused.

2. Get a corner shelf or build one yourself.

A shelf can store a lot of stuff. You can buy a corner shelf or a corner bookcase that could fit into your corner. If it’s hard to find one, you can build a customized shelf that would fit your wall perfectly. You can make it stylish and unique to make a statement (like, “Hey, I got carpentry skills!”). There are quick and easy projects you can search online that would suit your shelving needs. Books are the best things to display here, but you can also use it to show off any collection you have. Or just turn it into functional storage where you put your basic needs, like for instance, a bathroom corner cabinetry that would maximize wall space in your bathroom.

3. Place some plants.

A corner window creates a space that furniture or wall displays cannot fill. What you can do is to put some indoor plants to liven up an empty space while adding a fresh vibe. Choose those bold, leafy plants to put on the floor, and go for some small succulents or bonsai plants for the window sill. This is the easiest solution you can do, especially if you’re not into displaying arts or DIY storage.

Find a corner table or cabinet4. Find a corner table or cabinet.

If there are side tables, there are corner tables. Use it to display lamps, photos and other knick-knacks you would like to display. If you need extra storage, go for a small cabinet that nestles perfectly into the corner.

5. Transform it into a viewing nook.

A corner window can also work as a perfect space for you to admire the great outdoors as it rains or snows, or as leaves fall. Get single couch or a comfy ottoman and pair it with a small coffee table to make a space just for sitting down, sipping coffee and looking at the window. You may also attach a piece of wood to serve as a nook and then place a high chair or two opposite it. This can even work as a home office space or a reading spot.

6. Create a mini workstation.

Speaking of home office space, an empty corner can also become a workstation or extra counter space for literally any task that needs to be done on an elevated flat surface. You may buy a wall-mounted drop leaf table, or install a narrow tabletop supported by floating countertop brackets.

7. Place your old futon or store extra seating.

Make the empty corner space comfortable by placing an old futon. You may need to revamp your frumpy sofa to make it fashionable, or even re-upholster it and have its covering changed for a new look. Or you can just place your extra seating like bean bags there to make it a casual relaxation spot, and then you can just pull it over your living room to bring more seats for your guests.

8. Utilize cabinet corners by adding organizational features.

Sometimes, cabinets are the ones that create those awkward little corners. Adding some small organizational features like hooks, rails and baskets can convert these useless spaces into functional areas.

9. Display your sporty toys.

While it’s not yet summer, a large surfboard can serve a decorative piece when placed standing up in a corner, then fill the wall spaces on the two sides with art. A bike can be hanged on the wall to save up storage space while serving as a decorative element. A vertical dumbbell rack (with dumbbells, of course) perfectly belong in corners. Besides storage and decoration, it also helps to vacate some space from your garage or basement and serves as a great conversation starter since it gives the impression that you value sports and fitness.

10. Hang a chair.

Create a unique focal point that would also serve as a place to chill by placing a hanging chair. Those made of rattan are the usual, but if the natural color of rattan doesn’t seem to suit your interior, there are some available in other colors, or you can have it painted. Some have floor support and there are some meant to be plainly hanged from the ceiling with a hook.

11. Make a bar or coffee station.

If you don’t have enough room in your kitchen for a small bar or a coffee station, then use that tiny corner shelf. Make it a spot to make some lattes or to store your wines and drinks.

12. Install a pegboard.

Be an expert at vertical storage by using a pegboard. And where is the best place to put it? In an empty corner! Keep all stuff organized on the wall and corner space by having a pegboard installed. Place hardware tools in it if it’s a garage corner while hanging in some kitchen tools if it’s a kitchen corner.

13. Store extra clothing.

Hanging your clothes out in the open would look nice in a corner. Convert your empty bedroom corner into a micro closet by just placing a rod in between the two walls. It would be great for studio type houses with no space for closets.