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Decorate a practical and organized study

We propose an option for a practical and organized study easily and reusing old furniture. Do not miss it!
On this occasion, from Decogarden we propose the idea of decorating a practical and organized study. The steps are very simple. We start painting the walls, then placing a new floor and finally, reusing certain elements of an old piece of furniture for a good desk. Some simple ideas to achieve a perfect work space. then we will see step by step to achieve this decoration.

organized study

Step by step to decorate a practical study and organized

Step 1
We have a room that has a dated decor and it’s not maintained. We will take advantage and we will achieve a perfect stay as a study.

Step 2
The next step is to begin to paint the walls of the room. The color chosen is a very elegant greenish gray.

Step 3
As we will disassemble the cabinet that he had to make a study table, let’s place a sliding plug in the wall. In this way, we will have more light sockets for the study area.

Step 4
Then we will begin to change the look of the furniture. Once we have dismantled, we will go by sanding the different pieces. Then we remove all dust with a cloth.

Step 5
When paint the furniture pieces , this time, we will paint only the outside. That is not to paint all incidences recesses or holes. So, we will give a different and original appearance.

Step 6
In the case of the structure, will paint in a conventional manner. Will paint all white surface.

Step 7
The next step to achieve decorate this study will change the floor of the room. In this case, we will place a floating platform . Once we put the blanket on the ground and polyurethane wedges, we begin to place the slats.

Step 8
For corners, we will measure the length you need the lama, and also using a bevel we can take angle measurements. Thus, We transport these measures to the blade and cut the size and shape that will fit perfectly.