Fun Table Decoration Ideas for Birthdays

1. Make it pop with balloons

Birthdays are always a legitimate reason for celebration and decoration. Let’s say you don’t want to hire a catering service and you don’t want to break the bank. You can still pimp up your party with some table decorations especially made by you. DIY decorations can also make the celebrant feel extra loved because of the personal touch you will put to the table on his or her day!

These are some fun, easy-to-make and affordable table decoration ideas for a birthday party:

1. Make it pop with balloons

What’s a birthday party without balloons? Balloons are inexpensive and are very effective for creating that party vibe. Hang balloons on the sides of your table against the wall or from the ceiling with strings or curling ribbon. It’s also cute to create a fun shape, like the birthday number, as a backdrop on the wall for your serving table.

2. Create a tassel garland

Instead of using a banner, dress up your mantel with a tassel garland using colorful paper. It’s totally hot and trending right now, so try it on your next birthday party. Make use of the favorite color of the celebrant (or use the color theme of your party), and then mix it in with whites and metallic paper.

3. Put some fun photo cake toppers

Put the celebrant into the center of attraction with the use of photo cake toppers. Just print and cut out black-and-white photos of the celebrant’s face showing different facial expressions. Stick them to sticks and glue some little party hats for each face. Guests will surely gush about it!

4. Adorn the dessert table with a candy necklace

Make a sugary statement by draping a long candy necklace along the mantle of your dessert serving table. Just buy a bunch of candy necklaces, cut through the elastics and remove a few beads from the ends. Then, tie the necklaces together to form a huge circle that can reach around your table. Attach it to the tablecloth using safety pins.

5. Embrace nature by decorating with flowers

Setting up your birthday party in the yard? Embrace the beauty of nature by decorating your tables with eye-catching, handpicked flowers, like peonies and sunflowers. Put them individually in used wine glass bottles. The variations of the glass colors and the accent brought by your striking flower of choice makes the table setting interesting.

6. Hang a ribbon mobile above the table

Know what goes best with tassels? Ribbons! Make a mobile to hang over a table by using the narrow ribbons you have there for scrapbooking or for gift wrapping. Line the insides of the embroidery hoop with double-sided tape. Fold the ribbons over the ring and let it stick to the tape by pressing gently. Then, tie two 20-inch ribbons to the opposite sides of the hoops so you can hang it from the ceiling.

7. Create a table runner out of popsicle sticks

For a festive but very inexpensive table runner, use popsicle sticks. Just attach the sticks together using masking tape on the back. It’s up to you if you want to paint the sticks before attaching together, or if you want to tape them together first before painting a pattern or just splattering paint. It’s also a fun project to do with the kids!

8. Dress your table with a tulle skirt

Tulle looks pretty not only in gowns and ballet tutus but also in birthday party tables, especially if the celebrant is a sweet little girl. Depending on your theme, choose a color or color combinations to start with. Cover the table first in a white tablecloth, and wrap an elastic ribbon along the top edge of the table. Pin the ribbon in many spots to keep it secure. Cut strips of tulle in lengths twice the height of your table. To attach, fold the strip in half, place the loop over and behind the ribbon, and then grab the tails of the tulle and pass them through the loop. Continue attaching the tulle until you cover all visible sides of the table

9. Create your own cake stand

Want to place your cake on a pedestal? Resist the urge of buying a cake stand and just make use of the things you have at home for more unique décor. It’s also quick and easy! Just get an old candle holder and paint it with the color you want. Place a wide plate on top of it and keep it in place with a tough glue.

10. Adorn with photographs

Lay the foundation for the celebration with photos of the birthday girl or boy. Gather your pictures (those taken with Polaroid cameras are perfect) and pin them on a framed corkboard. Be creative with lining up the photos, and use scrapbooking accessories if you’re feeling extra fancy. Then, hang the framed corkboard on the wall against the serving table. Guests will love looking at the photos, and will also lure them to get more food at the table. This works best if the celebrant is a baby – everyone loves to look at cute and adorable baby photos!

11. Brighten up plain glassware with washi tape

If you are using simple glasses for your party, give them a touch of cuteness and color with washi tapes. Select tape with pretty patterns and color that match your party’s theme and then adorn it to your glasses. You can also use it for votive candles and for the glass bottles you are going to transform into flower vases.

12. Top your cake with a “Happy birthday” bunting or paper toppers

The cake is the center of attraction at any birthday party table. But if you’re serving a plain-looking, one-layer cake, it needs a bit of accessory to stand out. Create a “Happy Birthday” bunting using fun paper cutouts and striped paper straws, and tuck it into your cake for display. Or, you can cut out circles with single letter printouts to spell out “Happy birthday.” Paste every letter individually on sticks and then tuck them into the cake.

Adding a personalized birthday banner can be a fun way to celebrate another year, with companies like Bigger Better Banner offering festive designs in a variety of sizes to fit different spaces and styles.