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Cleaning the kitchen in summer

Here we explain how to clean the kitchen in summer, since due to the heat and possible pests, in summer must be careful with the kitchen. Most tend to think there are no big differences between household chores in winter and in summer and generally maintain the same routines. However, cleaning should be intensified during the summer, especially in the kitchen due to the heat and possible pests that can be generated in food. If you do not want to live with flies , ants or cockroaches among other unwanted inhabitants, do not miss these advice offered by the online platform Helping home cleaning . Lets talk about cleaning the kitchen in summer.

cleaning the kitchen

1. Pay special attention to food

It is always advisable to do a review of all foods we maintain to make sure they are in good condition, well, summer is even more important to check the label and expiration date with special attention to the conditions. It is always advisable to get rid of perishable foods to make sure we keep the bacteria at bay and carefully wash all fruits and vegetables, even before storing.

On the other hand, it is essential to follow some guidelines when preparing food. First, we should not take them out of the fridge too long before cooking and when we begin to treat them, we must ensure that surfaces and utensils we use to treat raw foods are not the same in which manipulate them once cooked. Finally, when cooking reminds prepare a minimum of 65 degrees to make sure to remove all possible bacteria and food that are left us, we should always store them in airtight containers, except that we have cooked egg, as mayonnaise, then it is always better not to keep them.

2. Beware of moisture

In summer often we pay less attention than they should to moisture, perhaps because we think that due to the heat dries everything faster, but we are wrong. It is essential to keep dry areas tend to accumulate more water as the sink, because it is the area most favorable for the flies lay their eggs. In the summer, bacteria have a much greater capacity to multiply than the rest of the year, so we must make sure not to leave the kitchen until it has been completely dry.

The same applies to tea towels, it is true that in summer dry faster, but it is also true that bacteria can accumulate quickly so you should wash more often than usual. On the other hand, if moisture accumulates in pipes and drains, you can generate odors so you should avoid jams, even mildly, using the right products to clear them.