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How to save water and energy in the kitchen

You know how to save water and energy in the kitchen? Here we give some simple tips to save water and energy. Energy saving is an issue of increasing concern to the Spanish. Awareness about the environment coupled with tariff increases in cause increasingly seek ways to save on water and energy supplies. If you want to know how to reduce your energy consumption, Some website give us some simple tips to save water and energy in the kitchen, one of the places where home appliances are concentrated.

how to save water

10 tips to save water and energy in the kitchen

1. Wash the vegetables in a bowl of water, this water can be reused for watering plants.
2. Do not put hot food in the refrigerator and defrost food in the refrigerator, so you can take advantage of the cold given off to maintain the temperature in the refrigerator.
3. Keep the back wall of the refrigerator clean, defrost regularly and check that the rubber door closed properly will allow you to make more efficient use of this appliance.
4. When washing dishes, the dishwasher uses less water than washing by hand, but if you wash by hand, fill a stack for soaping and one for rinsing.
5. Collect the water running while waiting out the temperature you want. This water can take to clean the toilet, watering plants …
6. Keep the burners clean kitchen, if you get stuck consume more power.
7. Turn off the oven a few moments before cooking is finished to use the residual heat and prevents open during operation.
8. When buying appliances, remember to choose them according to your needs (people living in the house, use that will give) and class A ++ or A +.
9. iron pots or stainless steel are more efficient than aluminum.
10. When the food reaches the boiling regulates the heat to low . Also remember to always use the most suitable stove to the pot or pan. The base must always be greater than the diameter of the stove.