What is the best mattress to prevent pain

Choosing the best mattress to prevent pain and relieve pressure points during rest is important and innerspring mattresses are not a good option. The health professionals who run, a site dedicated to providing objective reviews about the best types of mattresses for those who suffer from health problems such as back pain or joint pain, suggest that foam mattresses high density They are the best choice.

Memory foam
The memory foam is a product derived from the memory foam developed by NASA for use in seating ships for better impact protection and comfort. It has also been used to isolate football helmets, make shoe soles and quilting hospital beds to prevent patients suffer pain or sores. This equipment is also known as slow foam elastic recovery because gradually returns to its original shape after the applied load is released. The memory foam derived plastics, requires body heat to conform to the shape.

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Latex foam
It followed the success of the memory foam mattress born foam latex, a materials derived from the milk of the rubber tree. According to International Latex components latex mattresses have cells that let the air allowing the mattress to remain cool in summer and warm in winter. Latex International ensures that its products provide 30 percent less pressure than memory foam. The latex foam mattresses conform to the shape like the memory foam. But latex mattresses have immediate response to body weight, so quickly return to its original shape when the weight varies overnight.
What is the best?

Those who manufacture and sell memory foam mattresses and latex foam conferred similar benefits to their products. Both mattresses are resistant to dust mites and mold and both conform to the body relieving pain and preventing pressure points, allowing a real rest. But there are differences between these two types of foam mattresses high density . Latex instantly copy the shape of the body, while the memory foam requires body heat to mold the materials . The memory foam mattress high density are actually more durable and have better “memory”, but a common complaint is that memory foam mattresses are too warm at bedtime. Finally, the best mattress to prevent pain and relieve pressure points depends on whether you prefer the action of the elastic memory foam or if you prefer a latex mattress that is much closer to the conventional mattress.