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Interior metal furniture

Although we often think of metal furniture must be on the patio or porch, there are many metal furniture designed for indoor use. You can also bring parts intended for outdoor use. Furniture metal keep well, so it is a good choice to use them in areas where hard use is needed. You can repaint your furniture inside of metal to make it fit your space and style.

Repaint metal antique
Repainted furniture inside of metal prints you found in a thrift store, flea market or antique shop. Use a chemical stripper to remove the original paint or make a local store with a sand blasting cleaning them remove the layers of paint. The cleaning sandblasting usually quite affordable, and the best choice if rust or tarnish present. Apply spray paint quality and lightweight thin layers, repaint your furniture metal and then select the details with a small brush and acrylic craft paint. For a more luxurious look, apply gold leaf to size. If you prefer not to tackle this project furniture metal from inside by yourself a local repair shop may be able to strip paint and paint furniture metal for you.

metal furniture

Outer leads in
Add a little charm and a fresh look to your home garden carrying spare metal outdoor in the house. Consider using media for outdoor plants to keep the plants in the kitchen, or reuses a shopping metal plants intended to hold your small kitchen appliances, magazines or craft items. Put a layer of paint on a chair metal , then adds a nice cushion tucked into a corner of the living room to make a reading corner. Metal garden furniture are ideal for dirty rooms, including bathrooms and especially kitchens, but can add a nice look anywhere in the house.


Old to a new piece
Give a piece of metal furniture look old and worn, using good lines, a sleek look. Clean the piece well with a multi-purpose cleaner, or a chemical stripper. Repaints spray paint light color such as white, ivory, pink, yellow, or pale butter. Rub the darker paint on the surface of the furniture inside the excess metal cleaning. Use sandpaper or steel wool to rub through the paint exposing the metal bare in places. If needed, use the seal with a coat of spray sealant for easy cleaning.