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Artificial light extends the use of public spaces. By illuminating night the cities, especially in the downtown area, are offered to the public functionalists for a better use of urban space.

The economic activity extends well into the hours to different audiences, and tourists especially appreciate this. Artificial lighting of streets and public spaces also improves safety for pedestrians and property . The light has become a civil right and the more is illuminated with electric lights of a city, and more lights are installed, seems all better. There a list of entries on architectural lighting here and elsewhere on issues of urbanism that you can consult .

Lighting helmets cities

Central area of ​​the City of Buenos Aires
There are different criteria for artificial lighting for public spaces and there are different technologies to give birth to streets, squares and public buildings. Public lighting shows two basic aspects: the light in dark places to use the space safely, and decorative light to communicate.

Christian temple lit at night
Cities must now make changes to technology developments that can improve the performance of artificial lighting in open spaces, and significantly reducing power consumption and heat emission to the atmosphere . 2020 European cities will have to be lit entirely with LEDs. The result of a plan to illuminate the city well done creates new spaces in the city that can be enjoyed by many locals and visited by more tourists. Is an additional dimension to the city, generated from the approaches studied appliances, lights and sophisticated lighting elements, and adding color.

But the city lighting also has another negative side is the light pollution . If intense can not see the stars. On the coast, the waters naturally illuminate the night with the light of the moon and the sky shows the stars, except in the light of the city permeates the scene.

Artificially lit shopping promenade
In the late nineteenth century the world saw light revolution of houses, buildings and cities by the incandescent lamp, another revolution is happening now from LEDs and the “intelligent lighting” light optimized as needed. administer is efficient energy , to take advantage as much as possible, and are achieved savings of 60 to 80% in electricity consumption , it is necessary to avoid light pollution of the environment, a phenomenon really unnatural significant consequences, and we must also reduce environmental warming exacerbating the phenomenon of global warming.