An Overview of Clamps and Tube Systems

Tube and clamp manufacturers offer a wide range of high-performance, cost-effective clamps and tubes. They incorporate the most up-to-date technologies for seamless and safe installation and reliable performance. Tube and clamp manufacturers offer a comprehensive range of tube and clamps with various thread configurations, including NPT, PN, PNP, BNC and HPN. Tubing and clamps are generally used for applications requiring maximum strength, durability and compatibility with a variety of moving components, from pressure drums to cranes.

Double ended clamps and tubes

Double ended clamps and tubes are designed for applications requiring a single clamp with both clamps attached to a single tube. These clamps have an open eye design that enables them to seal the tube tightly against the work surface. Single ended clamps and tubes are also known as a fig system. Double ended clamps and tubes are available in both open and closed eye designs.

Technology Used

  • For precision tube and clamps, materials and engineering technology are critical. The latest technologies ensure increased strength, minimal distortion, and precision manufacturing, while achieving the most economical use of space. Tubular assemblies must have tight tolerances for optimal performance, and they must meet production standards of thermal conductivity, tensile strength, mechanical properties, fatigue resistance, lubricity, and resistance to chemical corrosion. The best clamps and tubes will have a good fit, a high level of consistency, high strength, and the ability to hold steady after being applied. Assembly and disassembly procedures must be simple and efficient.
  • Tubular assemblies must be fastened to working machinery with a high level of precision and efficiency. Fastening requires reliable equipment, consistent procedures, and no human error. A variety of construction units and clamps are available to accomplish this goal. Tubular clamps and tubes used in construction units are usually of double-ended types, including cross-bar clamps, screw-on, or key-lock combinations, and angle and sheet clamps.
  • The most common construction units are the flat and screw-on. The flat types of clamps consist of a single tubing member clamped between two tube sections. The tubes may be made of metal, plastic, or a combination material. Screw-on clamps are available in both closed and open joint configurations, providing either fastening or flexible attachment. The advantage of using these types of clamps is that the flexible tubes are locked tightly against each other and can provide a greater degree of accuracy in size calculations. These types of clamps are used to connect and assemble a wide range of tubes and tubular members.
  • Tubes and tubular members that need clamping or mounting are typically sold as a package or in part numbers. In order to mount or clamp the tubes and tubular members together correctly, you need to purchase clamps and hinged together clamps. The components are sold in individual components with pre-drilled holes for securing the tubes and tubular members together. The pre-drilled holes allow you to use the supplied clamps and fasten the two parts together with good accuracy. The included clamps and the corresponding fasteners are ideal for fastening to varying types of sheet metals including aluminum, stainless steel, copper, brass, and nickel.

mechanical tube

Tubes and Clamps Purchase Guide

Clamps and tubes are sold in different thicknesses and sizes. Most clamps and tubes available in the market are made of steel or aluminum. Steel clamps are preferred for use in larger tubes and tubular assemblies because the steel material provides more rigidity and strength while the aluminum material provides better edge protection. You can choose a clamp system that best suits your application.

You can also customize your clamps and tubes according to your requirements. You can check online for the recommended clamp diameter that you require and adjust the size of the clamp as per the required diameter of the tubes and tubular assemblies. You can also choose from the various available clamps at Boss Easy Clamps and select the one that best meets your needs. Additional features like overbend, underset, center pull, and closeout feature can be selected to suit your requirements.