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Creative ideas for a pantry in a small kitchen

No matter the size of the kitchen , if the food storage space is full, the kitchen seem cramped. This is especially true in the kitchen small, where there is lots of room to spare. Fortunately, there are several creative ideas for making a working pantry in a small kitchen .

Use an area of empty wall space and unused for a functional purpose as a mini-pantry by placing bookshelves. Shelves can help a lot with the overflow of food in the cupboards and cabinets. The shelves can be installed easily and quickly, and are available in several styles and colors to match the decor of any kitchen . In addition, corner shelves allow you to make good use of space out in the corner.

small kitchen

Hanging Shelves
Purchase a hanging shelf to use as a pantry. You can find these racks at convenience stores like Target and Wal-Mart, plastic, metal or wood, starting at the lowest prices. You can place them where you want or where you work best: next to the window, behind a door or in a corner. And they also have the advantage of being easily moved, then you can temporarily relocate this portable pantry or anytime you need it.

Seize the space
Make the most of available unused areas in the small kitchen to increase space for storing. One of these spaces just above yours. Instead of storing pots and pans large and bulky in the pantry, where they occupy a space of much needed food storage, store them by hanging from the ceiling. Place hooks on the wall to hang mugs instead of keeping them in closets. Also, use every square inch in the food pantry baskets and stacking shelves. These elements allow you to get two and sometimes three shelves once.

Make furniture serve a dual function, also using them as pantry. If you have an island kitchen standard, substitute with one that has shelves and drawers where you can place food. If the microwave oven is on a stand, use a shopping kitchen with plenty of storage instead. Replaces table kitchen that has a bottom shelf or drawer or a storage compartment built into the base.