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Colors for kitchen ceiling

The ceiling of the kitchen allow you to continue with your decor beyond the walls of the room. Choose a color scheme that best suits your personal taste and the overall theme of your home. If you’ve upgraded contemporary decor, for example, might consider a roof of kitchen daring to oppose a rustic look. The roofs of kitchen provide space to extend colors kitchen principal, introduce complementary colors or accent the color scheme and textured various elements.
kitchen ceiling

Off and warm colors
The muted colors like peach, pink or bright green, creating a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. The colors are warm and welcoming. Take a softer color version wall kitchen toward the ceiling. Choose a blue roof off if you have the walls of the kitchen blue or beige or cream if you have white walls. A warm color palette can have elegant and timeless results. The earthy tones and natural colors also function as the roof of the kitchen warm and muted. Examples include clear, green and orange brown.


Bold colors
The kitchens large or small can incorporate a roof with bold colors to create character and highlight architectural features. A vibrant red roof draws attention to the kitchen . Red is ideal for open spaces with lots of natural light. The rich bold colors like blue, black or purple can also be used in small spaces; the key is to balance the design. Pint of bold blue ceiling and an accent wall, leaving the rest of the cream walls neutral so that the blue is not so overwhelming. O using bold colors only exposed roof elements rather than on the entire ceiling. For example, only painted beams of the roof or other accents. The bold colors work well in the kitchen with stainless steel appliances contemporary, but can be used in other designs of kitchen also.
Color and texture
The interesting texture and colors of the roofs immediately capture the attention of the guests. The roof may have a different texture or made ​​of materials of different building walls. The texture can be used to add rustic charm or a modern and elegant touch, giving depth to the ceiling. Try natural dark brown wood along your roof for a rustic look or tin tiles for a contemporary look. Tin tiles are available in many designs and colors including metallic silver, as well as basic color options.