7 Ways Your Family Benefit From Filtered Water

One of the simplest ways you provide a healthy home for your family is by having filtered water. Everyone knows how critical water is for your overall health and daily living. Every last cell, bone, and muscle in your body heavily rely on water. But the thing is, not all water is the same. Thus, you need to— that the water your family drinks or uses on a daily basis— is free from chemicals, toxins, and other contaminants.

Filtered water can provide healthier, cleaner, and safer water for your family. Here are seven ways your family can benefit from filtered water.

1. Provide A Healthier And Cleaner Water

Unless you’ve had your water boiled or passed through a filtration system, you can never guarantee if that water is free from chemicals, bacteria, toxins, parasites, and other dangerous contaminants. However, boiling your water isn’t always a safe option, especially for chlorinated water. Chlorinated water tends to emit harmful gases when simmered or exposed to heat. Then, these toxic gases can cause dizziness and headaches to anyone who inhales these gases.

On the other hand, consuming filthy or contaminated water can lead to serious health problems, including intestinal problems, reddened eyes, stomachaches and digestive problems. Through a water filtration system, all health hazards found in the water will be removed and filtered out to improve water quality.

You can read more here about water filtration systems to help you understand the importance of investing in one for your home.

2. Prevent Damage To Your Plumbing System

If consuming unfiltered water can put you at risk for health problems, the same water can also damage your plumbing system. Without the filtration system, the chemicals, toxins, minerals, and heavy metals found in the unfiltered water could build up around your plumbing system over time, resulting in damages. Meanwhile, with filtered water, your plumbing system will be safe from the damaging effects of metals and chemicals.

Other than the plumbing system, your appliances will also be affected if you use unfiltered water in cleaning or operating them. Your machines are guaranteed to last longer and function more efficiently when using clean and filtered water.

3. Produce Better Tasting Water

Filtered water is also known to taste better compared to unfiltered one. The water filtration system will eliminate all kinds of water impurities, causing the water to taste cleaner and better. And with better-tasting water, it’ll also be easier for you to encourage your family, especially your kids, to hydrate themselves regularly to promote their overall health.

4. Save Your Money And The Environment

Hand pouring a glass of water from kitchen filter tap

Most families with no filtration system get their drinking water from boiling the tap water or buying bottled water regularly. While bottled water is clean and safe to drink, unfortunately, it’s a more expensive option, plus it’s also harmful to the environment. Regular purchase and consumption of bottled water can lead to pollution as the used plastic bottles are often thrown away in the ocean or the landfill. Furthermore, plastic bottles take about 800 to 1,000 years to decompose.

To save money and preserve the environment, investing in a water filtration system is the best way to go. With filtered water at home, you no longer need to buy bottled water and therefore discourage the rest of the family from using plastic bottles.

5. Guarantee Clearer Skin

The quality of your skin is affected by anything you consume, including the water you are drinking, bathing, and washing of clothes. Using contaminated water for drinking or showering could put you at risk for exposure to heavy metals and chlorine that could damage your skin, inside and out. Even the water you use for washing your clothes can also directly impact your skin. The water filtration system is the only tool that could help provide safe and clean water for showering and bathing. So, to ensure you and your family have brighter and healthier skin, it’s ideal to invest in a water filtration system at home.

6. Cleaner Dishes

With the help of the filtration system, you can use filtered water for your dishwasher, which eventually helps produce cleaner dishes with less soap scum. Another benefit of using filtered water  once the dishwater operates, the evaporate water won’t damage your indoor air quality, unlike if you’re using chlorinated water.

7. Protect The Whole Household From Water Contamination

There may be cases wherein your local municipal’s water treatment will break down for unknown reasons. When this happens, the entire public water supply will be affected by contaminants and chemicals, including your home’s supply of water. To prevent this from happening, installing a whole-house water filtration system will protect your water supply from being contaminated with any water impurities.

In short, your household will be well-prepared whether any damages or cross-contamination with the water supply arises.


All in all, using filtered water for drinking and other household usages will keep you and your family safe. Anyone who doesn’t have their own water filtration system yet has to invest in one and keep your family safe from using unfiltered water.