How Filtered Water Improves Your Overall Health

When it comes to improving your health, all of us are guilty of jumping on the latest bandwagon of health fads. Most of these fads are not only expensive, but most of them don’t work, but there is one change you can make that is inexpensive and easy. When we think about filtered water, we think about bottled water, they aren’t the same thing. Not only is filtered water better for you, it is also better for the environment as you aren’t purchasing bottle water. Here are the top ways in which filtered water improves your overall health.

Removal Of Chlorine

The removal of chlorine from your water supply can reduce the chances of cancer later on. We’re not saying that all water containing chlorine will give you cancer, because it can keep drinking water safe in some areas. But in areas where there is a high quantity of chorine in the water, sustained exposure to it is linked to bowel and colon cancer. Filtered water will remove the majority of chlorine, which can improve your overall health.

Removal of Aluminium

Again, in small quantities aluminium isn’t damaging, but some water supplies are filtered very poorly, which lets an increased amount of aluminium into the water course. Long term exposure to aluminium has been linked to a variety of health issues such as Alzheimer’s disease and behavioural problems in children.

Filtered Water Keeps In The Minerals You Need

Some people recommend reverse osmosis systems, but these filtration systems remove all the minerals from the water system, which isn’t what you want to do. The human body is a complex machine that requires minerals to operate. Minerals such as zinc, magnesium and iron are lost in bottled water and in any system that uses reverse osmosis. By filtering your water, you are helping to keep these minerals in and your body will thank you for it. Iron helps with red blood cells and magnesium helps with building cells, so they’re all worth keeping in. See also Wellwaterexpert.

Brighter Hair

When you switch from bottled water to filtered water, after a few weeks you’ll find that your hair looks brighter. The additional minerals and compounds that are in filtered water help to make your hair stronger and longer. Silica, which is a mineral found in filtered water helps to keep your hair healthy and you’ll find that you’ll suffer from less breakage. Good news if you want to grow your hair thick and long.

Clearer Eyes

It may take a time to notice the difference, but others will notice it! Your eyes will not only look brighter, you will also look less tired. When you drink filtered water, your body responds to it by increasing minerals and vitamins to areas where they were lacking. This results in the whites of your eyes looking clearer and brighter!

Less Fatigued

The more water you drink from a filtered source, the better you will feel. Our bodies need iron in order to produce red blood cells. The better we are at keeping hydrated with filtered water, the better we are at producing red blood cells. You’ll find that if you keep yourself a good level of hydration, you will no longer feel as fatigued as you once did. You’ll also find that you have an increased amount of energy and you will also heal faster than before.

Better Skin

Drinking filtered water isn’t just about how we look, but it certainly does help us look a lot healthier. Our skin is often a reflection of our lifestyles and if you have been drinking water stripped of all mineral deposits, you may find that your skin becomes irritable, dry and breakouts can occur. You’ll find that when you increase your filtered intake, your skin will thank you for it. You will be increasing the amount of important minerals that your body needs to help it regenerate and by adding these into your daily routine, your body will regenerate better. Increased water helps the body rid itself of any build up and regenerate faster, thus increasing the healthy glow of your skin!

Better Teeth

When we drink water from our taps, sometimes it can become imbued with the chlorine that is used to treat it. Chlorine isn’t good for your overall health in large volumes, especially not for your teeth and breath. When you drink filtered water, you’ll find that your mouth feels cleaner and fresher. After a while your teeth will also look whiter as filtered water reduces the lack of tarter and plaque build-up. It is this build up that reduces the odour that is associated with bad breath as well as keeping your tongue clean, helping towards better breath and whiter teeth. Lack of chlorine also increases overall gum and oral health.

Lack of Dehydrated Feeling

When you work out, you may find that if you reach for the bottle of water, you may not feel better. If you are buying store bought water, you won’t be getting all of those minerals that you need. Filtered water provides you with sodium and minerals that you lose through exercise, it is these minerals that reduce the dehydrated feeling that you get when you drink bottled water only.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to drinking water, it is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that bottled water is better. Bottled water has had all of the best minerals removed from it which can promote overall health and well-being. Choosing drinking water doesn’t just benefit the environment, it also benefits your overall health and appearance. Once you start drinking filtered, you’ll begin to notice how much better feel. Not only that, you will also start to look better. You’ll find that your eyes will become brighter, your skin will settle down and your overall health will be vastly improved. This is especially true if you have been drinking water that has excess chlorine or aluminium in it. So, when you are thirsty, don’t reach for the bottled water, reach for your filtered water instead.