6 Factors to Consider While Choosing a Storage Unit

Do you have too much stuff on your hands? Perhaps you’ve downsized from a house to an apartment or rented out part of your current home. With the state of Idaho having relatively favorable housing prices, more people are moving to this region than before. As a resident of Rathdrum, ID, making some money with this change may not be so surprising. However, there is the matter of storage to consider.

If you’re currently in this situation, a storage unit is the need of the hour. Not sure how to go about it? Here are some factors to consider:

1. Size Requirements

The size of the items you have to store will directly influence the choice of your storage unit. For instance, most travel souvenirs are small. A tiny storage unit might be enough to hold them until you have room for those memories again.

When considering any storage units, keep the following factors in mind:

  • The square footage of the unit
  • The ceiling height
  • The number of items that can fit in this space without cramping your belongings
  • The measurements of the largest items
  • The larger a unit, the more it will cost

2. Expected Time Range

The very best Rathdrum ID storage units usually charge rent on a month-by-month basis. Some folks might need a storage unit indefinitely. Others may only need it for a couple of months while they figure things out.

Before booking any storage unit, think about the time you want it for. Certain facilities will go for short-term rentals. There might be a minimum rental period, but do remember the following possible requirements:

  • Full-service or self-service access to one’s own locker
  • The ability to deliver or pick up the items in case we don’t have our own transport
  • While self-service allows a bit of flexibility, full-service provides more security

3. Location of the unit

The whereabouts of your storage space will matter in the long run. It should be in a place that’s easily accessible, probably in one’s home. However, the final choice depends on what we use that storage unit for.

If you’re storing seasonal items, for example, the location might not matter too much. If you choose a unit in the middle of a city, it will probably be more expensive than on the outskirts.

4. The Overall Cost

The price of the storage unit is an important factor for deciding on storage solutions. Here are a few factors that might influence the price:

  • The storage service has a minimum time length requirement (for example, they might insist that you rent a unit for at least a year instead of just a few months)
  • The type of contract you can manage with the company
  • Additional fees in case of a late or missed payment

5. The Temperature of the Unit

The items you want to store will determine the ideal temperature for the storage unit. Certain objects like furniture, books, and collectibles require proper climate control. It might drive up the expenses, but your items will stay in prime condition for a long time.

If your items are relatively hardy, they might not require temperature control. As long as you properly pack them, they can stay in decent condition, even inside a standard storage unit. Some examples of such items include:

  • Outdoor furniture: This is designed to stay in all sorts of weather conditions
  • Sports Equipment: Most items like golf clubs, bicycles, and other sports gear might only require a thorough cleaning before storage
  • Metal items: Metal shelving, automotive parts, lawnmowers, and other items that are mostly made of metal usually do fine in a standard unit
  • Seasonal Decorations: You may want to store holiday decorations in a storage unit to save space; as long as these are properly packaged, they usually won’t require special features

6. Safety, Security, and Surveillance

Before you decide upon any storage unit service, research the facility and see how secure it is. The following precautions will help you decide on any particular option:

  • Ask about video monitoring options and in-person surveillance for the storage units
  • Visit the storage facility at different times of the day, especially at night; this way, you can ensure that it’s well-lit (this will increase your safety when it’s time to access the storage unit)
  • Check the facility’s accreditation and license status
  • Ask about the alarm system they have installed in case of any security breaches, unauthorized access, etc.


Declutter and declutter! Get rid of anything you don’t need or use anymore by donating or selling it. This will make your home more comfortable and enjoyable to live in.

For the rest of your stuff? Put it in a storage unit! This is a great way to keep your belongings safe and organized without having to worry about them cluttering up your home.