6 Benefits Of Attracting Birds To Your Garden

What’s so special about bird feeding?

Isn’t it just about feeding and watching birds at a feeder?

It’s not uncommon to have these doubts or get anxious about bird feeding. But you can take a deep breath for now and relax while you’re here.

There’s more to bird feeding than birds eating and pooping around in your yard.

In fact, attracting birds is win-win-win if you’ve set up a garden at your home. It’s beneficial to not only your garden, but also the birds, and of course, you!

But how exactly?

Well, today, I’ll reveal six amazing benefits of attracting birds that most likely never thought possible and some familiar ones too.

At the end of this article, you may even be hard-pressed to regret not setting up a bird feeding station any sooner.

Let’s get to it…

#1 Free Garden Assistant And Exterminator

Birds won’t stop at just the seeds or treats you serve them at your feeder. They would also eat from the abundance of seeds and insects in your garden. Besides, feeders only supplement the food whey they forage in the wild.

More specifically, birds would also eat the seeds of weeds that would starve your plants of nutrients or deface your garden.

But that’s not even the best part because they would eat insects and grubs that could have done some damage. The occasional raptors at some feeders can also fend off pests like rats and squirrels.

In the process, you’d have almost no reason to spend money on pesticides. Plus, birds can deal with the yucky grubs in your yard and also aerate the soil in the process.

One of the best bird species to attract for insect control is the Eastern Bluebird. All it takes to welcome the bluebirds is a feeder with their favorite meal and a birdhouse for nesting.

#2 Property Appreciation

It’s fascinating to think that attracting birds to your garden could increase your home’s value.

However, it’s the reality, but only if you’ve made the big leap to attract birds to your garden. And by this, I mean, if you’ve set up feeders, birdbaths, and planted shrubs and trees to protect the birds.

However, to anyone looking to buy your property, all they see is a serene yard with birds chirping among its lush flowers.

Because of this picturesque appeal, your home would be worth more than when you didn’t have birds frolicking around your yard.

2 Property Appreciation

#3 The Bloom Multiplier Effect

It’s every gardener’s dream to wake up to a yard filled with sun-kissed flowers.

And nectar-loving birds, like hummingbirds and orioles, can help in pollinating your plants. Not only is this a natural way to multiply flower plants, but it also helps you to attract more birds.

Even better, you’ll start to see bees and colorful butterflies as well. This would transform your garden from a regular one to something out of fantasy animation.

But you’ll need to make your garden conducive enough for little and shy pollination birds such as hummingbirds or Baltimore orioles.

In turn, your garden blooms while the birds enjoy a daily sip of nectar from a feeder or plant in your garden. And everyone’s happy.

#4 Service To Nature

Due to deforestation, many birds have had their natural habitat depleted. As a result, there’s fierce competition for the scarce food sources available. Many of them may have to go miles to forage for food for themselves and to feed their nestlings.

But you’ll be their knight in shining armor by merely setting up a bird feeder in your garden, or providing a birdbath during the harsh winter months.

Although it’s a far-stretch, you also cancel out the risk of these birds going extinct. More specifically, you’ll have a direct hand in the increase of the bird species population in your garden. The Northern Cardinal population, for instance, is flourishing due to their frequent visits to bird feeders. So you’ll feel better knowing you’re one of the reasons their signature red plumage would be around for more years.

It should be a thing of pride to know you’re helping one of over 400 birds that need urgent conservation action when you feed them in your garden.

#5 Dopamine Booster

There’s a likelihood that one out of 5 American seniors feels lonely and isolated.

And it’s tough because it’s only life playing out its course. And any companionship or sense of responsibility would suffice at this point.

The good thing is, bird feeding is also therapeutic. Seeing and hearing birds sing in your yard every day alone can prevent mental fatigue and release “feel good” hormones in the body.

In fact, watching a large number of birds feeding on a sunny afternoon is proven to reduce depression and make us happier.

Also, feeding the birds gives a feeling of purpose or fulfillment that can raise your self-esteem. You’ll have bird stories to share with relatives or maybe even accomplishments to rub in a neighboring birder’s face if any.

Regular cleaning and filling of a bird feeder can give senior mums a new sense of responsibility. Going out in the morning and evening to fill the feeders and buying seeds would make the perfect hobby.

We actually found a great resource site for bird watching guides that you’d surely get a lot of tips from and all you need to do is click on the link. I’m sure it’d help add more to boost the “feel good” effect to your garden.

#6 Easy Beginnings

One last reason you should consider attracting birds is that it’s easy to start and maintain.

Seriously, attracting birds to your garden is almost effortless.

It’s as simple as spilling corn seeds on the ground, and you’d already have a group of pigeons or sparrows dropping by your garden for a treat. But you’ll need to put a little more effort to make to bring in the most birds.

Even at that, just setting up a feeder or two is enough to attract the most colorful bird species, like cardinals, bluebirds, orioles, and woodpeckers. All the work you have to do is to make sure the feeders are never empty when the birds come around.

Maybe I lied a little. It gets tougher moving forward. 😉

You’ll need to clean the feeders every other day and deal with the droppings and pesky critters. But it’s these easy tasks that give you a newfound responsibility and keep you active.

Besides, you can find bird feeders that are easy to clean, so you’ll have no issues making it a routine.