5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Promotional Videos If You Want Your Content To Be Convincing?

We all know the saying that images are more retentive to the mind than words. Once we see something in its graphical form, our mind makes a memory out of it which stays long inside our heads as thoughts. But when it comes to promotional content, then there’s nothing as effective as video. It’s because of this that promotional video marketing has become the mainstay of promotional marketing in the present era. It’s without a trace of doubt that technology has become an integral part of our daily lives and hence exploiting technological mediums to get you content across the table is only the obvious thing to do. Let us indulge ourselves a bit and learn how promotional videos become effective in convincing people about our content.

Promotional videos and the essence of video marketing

The basic concept of marketing is performing a promotional activity with the purpose of informing the people about your business and convincing them to become your customer in the near future. It’s not exactly related to direct sales as in it might not be able to enhance your sales figures by the numbers directly, but it must be able to convey the relevant information to the public and that too in a persuasive manner so that they contribute to the sales. Now, traditional marketing techniques have evolved a lot in the recent past. Businesses, as well as customers, have turned to social media for their daily dose of advertisements. Digital marketing strategies are on the rise, and hence using that platform for your content makes complete sense and delivers successfully. Let us now understand the basic reasons behind that.

1. The Wide reach of videos

The reason we have put this at the top is that sheer numerical advantage is the most persuasive aspect of any content. The more people get access to your promotional video, the more people will be able to see it. The more people watch your video, the more people will eventually get convinced into watching your video and get persuaded by it. Numbers are very powerful tools of marketing, and when a large volume of people watch your content, it’s bound to become persuasive. Now one can argue that images and blogs can also be associated with numbers, but can they really beat video content? No way. Videos are accessible over wider and more popular traffic sources such as Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. Moreover, it’s very cost-effective.

2. The personal touch

Videos give your content a personal flavor that the viewer relishes more than blogs and images. It’s pretty simple, videos don’t have line after line of similar-looking words and edited pictures in between them. Rather they contain a character saying stuff related to the content. The content is enhanced by the character’s body language, expressions and vocal influence. It gives the content scope of emphasizing a variety of thoughts inside the viewer’s mind. The combination of audio and visual emphasis brings about a sense of trust inside the viewer and encourages loyalty within.  

3. Demos can be availed easily through video content

If you are promoting a product using promotional video, then you get a chance to provide a demo of the product as well. Here you gain an advantage because no matter how detailed the description is or how vivid the images of the product are, nothing quite works the charm as demos. Consumers are more likely to get fascinated by-products after watching a demo compared to reading the pros and cons and watching pictures from different angles. Every unique feature of your product can be displayed easily and effectively through video, and that will add depth to your promotional content and make it naturally persuasive.

4. Boosts SEO

The top hundred search results contain around 70 videos which make it a huge SEO advantageous choice for SEO promotion. Search engines regard videos very highly and even reward free traffic to them. SEO surveys suggest that web content having a video can attract traffic thrice than plain texts and images. Web contents with many invideo backlinks are hence rewarded with higher rankings by search engines. Therefore opting for promotional video content will definitely help up your SEO game

5. The added entertainment

The decision-making of the consumers is heavily enhanced by videos. They play a decisive role in their channeling their thoughts in favor of the product hence making them potential customers. Great promotional videos can make the consumers associate your business or product with positive outcomes provided the video manages to keep their attention. It is because videos have the added flavor of entertainment that viewers associate it. Watching a video feels like fun no matter what the subject matter is as long as it’s interesting. Videos also provide an opportunity to educate the viewers on their respective products and services hence influencing their minds and in turn their decisions to a large extent.

Things to keep in mind while making promotional videos

  • Ensure that they are informative and interesting at the outset. Trashy videos won’t exactly support our argument.
  • The content of the video must be enriching for the viewers.
  • Nicely edited videos go a long way. No need to make the videos long unless required.
  • If your video contains a character speaking to the audience and explaining something, make sure that he or she stares at the camera while talking. Also using suitable hand gestures and tonal modulations will enhance the impact over viewers.
  • Using a bit of humor now and then helps in maintaining your viewers’ interest throughout the video. Unless, of course, the subject of the video doesn’t warrant much humor. Judge wisely as the wrong, and improper use of humor might put the viewers off guard and repelled.


So, now that you know the reasons why online videos work as the most persuasive form of promotional marketing go ahead and exploit it to the fullest. Search for the best online YouTube video editor and start making those videos.