8 Mind-Blowing Salon Decor Ideas to Glam Up the Space

While creating a salon, keep interior design at the top of the priority list. Salon designs play a vital role in the beauty business because you will be marketing style once you set a salon.

The hairdressing field revolves around appearance, which means the quality of your salon relates to its looks. Therefore, salon design defines your brand or services. Moreover, it attracts more clients if you promote it on social media.

There will be more customers if they see your outstanding salon interiors on social media. The following are some mind-blowing salon décor ideas that can glam up the space:

Decide Main Colors

Decide a color palette that you can use in all the marketing, designs, décor. The color theme is crucial as it is a beautiful way to express yourself and your salon’s personality.

Also, colors are an intelligent and incredible way to get brand recognition. For instance, Tiffany’s signature color is eggshell blue.

Therefore, before salon decoration, first, decide the color theme.

Wall Art

Large empty walls do not work well with any space. So, they require a statement art piece that avoids the displaced feeling. Different salon wall décor options include framed pictures, wall paintings, canvas prints, posters, murals, flyers, etc.

The choice purely depends on your personal preference, which you feel works best in the space. While choosing an ideal art piece, make sure to incorporate pictures that attract the clients instantly.

For example, hang a picture or painting of well-done hair cuts or colors if you have a hair salon. Also, make sure not to go overboard while displaying art pieces on a wall.

Furniture Items

Furniture plays a significant role in decorating the empty space. So, the choice of your furniture items should be well-thought and intricate for a hair salon.

While purchasing furniture, avoid bulky or dull-colored items. Otherwise, they will make the salon space look much smaller than it is. So, buy light and medium-size furniture items that will leave enough space in the salon.

Also, pick some warm or bright color furniture items for salon décor. For example, incorporate pink or pastel shades to add a feminine and soft touch.

Framed or Nacked Mirrors

Mirror carries great importance in the salons, especially a hair salon. But, of course, their primary function is to reflect the customer’s image before and after the services.

They give an impression to the clients about your business once they enter your salon. So, incorporate mirrors that give a great impression. Though a basic mirror is only a glass with a reflective coating, it gives a super-minimalistic look.

You can make them attractive with specialized edging or a frame. Or, hang plain geometrical mirrors if you are decorating a salon for the first time. You can also opt for ornamented mirrors to give a glamorous look to the salon.

Place mirrors opposite to a light source, whether it is natural or artificial. Then, they will create a convincing effect.

Upgrade the Waiting Area

It is very important to upgrade the salon’s waiting area. They give the first impression to every salon, so it is vital to leave a good one. Always make sure that no clutter or mess is lying in the waiting area.

You can add hidden drawers in the reception desk that help you to store unnecessary items. Also, use the appropriate colors in the waiting area to maximize the space.

Use Plants For fresh and Sophisticated Look

Instead of using horizontal space, make proper use of vertical space to create a significant impact on the salon interiors. To do so, add potted plants that bring in sweetness and liveliness in the interiors.

Or place tall plants such as fiddle leaf figs and many others in the space. It will give a sophisticated and natural look to the waiting area and purify the air too.

Creative Display of Salon Products

Everything related to the salon or in-salon holds equal importance. Every detail matters and becomes your brand’s part, from space, layout to wall color or products you use. So, make sure to display the products you use in the salon nicely.

Or check that all stations have uniformity. Then, only you can make your salon look clean and impressive.

Create Perfect Lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of every salon. Though natural light is preferred a lot, every salon does not have a lot of windows. In that case, choose artificial lights keeping in mind that the client looks good.

Install warm bulbs behind mirrors, chandeliers, or overhead lighting to make a salon look glamorous and bright.

Final Thoughts

There are lots of budget-friendly salon décor ideas. However, designing the salon is a necessary and pleasant one. Always remember to keep space clear for proper airflow. These simple ideas can make a huge difference.