4 Side Effects Of Blocked Drains That Could Keep You Awake At Night

The North Shore composes the areas located in the northern part of Sydney. It includes suburbs like East Ryde, Asquith, Epping, Macquarie Park, Hornsby Heights, Marsfield, Mount Colah, and Mount Kuring-Gai. The area is one of the most visited spots in the city since it is the location of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the Admiralty House, Luna Park, the Taronga Zoo, and the Balmoral Beach. Locals and tourists also frequent the area to visit the Sydney Harbour National Park and the Lane Cove National Park. 

There are also plenty of houses built all over the area. Residents live here due to its proximity to the CBD and major retail centres. While most homes normally feature modern designs and fixtures, they are still vulnerable to common household problems like clogged drains. Plenty of houses deal with blocked drains in North Shore, Sydney due to improper use of kitchen sinks and accumulation of tiny foreign objects like hair strands and soap residues. If left untreated, these blocked drains can lead to bigger problems that could be more difficult to fix over time. If you are suffering from home drain problem prefer CCTV Drain surveys London for the best solutions. 

Here are some of the biggest side effects of having blocked drains at home. 

Poor Drainage 

If you constantly experience clogged drains at home, it could lead to poor drainage over time. The blockages on the pipes and drains can hinder the water from passing freely. If the clogs become more severe over the years, it can cause the water to return and regurgitate back to the house and lead to flooding. 

Foul Odours 

When the clogs that block the drains become too big and prevent the water from passing through, the pipes will eventually dry out. Due to the lack of moisture, it will not be able to absorb the bad smells caused by the waste that passes through the pipe. As a result, bad odours will spread all over the house. The blocked drains in North Shore, Sydney also collect stagnant water that usually has putrid smells. You would need the help of the experts to remove the clogs to get rid of the nasty odour from your house completely. 

Leaking Pipes 

Clogged drains usually stop the normal flow of the water from your faucet to the drainage system. If it did not find its way outside the pipes, the water would find a way to pour out in the long run. Most of the time, these waters will cause leaks and damage the pipes and seep through the walls or the flooring of your home. If the damage becomes severe, you might need to undergo a major repair to seal the pipes and avoid water from destroying the foundation of your home. 

Major Health Risks

Because of the accumulation of dirty, stagnant water, blocked drains can also cause several health problems for your family at home. If you or your loved ones have asthma or suffer from airborne allergies, you may get sick by breathing the odour emitted by the clogged drains. The dirty water may also contaminate the tap water, which could also cause skin irritation if your family uses it for bathing. Also, the bacteria and moulds that could accumulate within the clogged drains may bring severe illnesses that could affect your family.  

Aside from these complications, blocked drainages can also lead to major repairs if not addressed immediately. The leaking pipes may affect the stability of the house structures, which may eventually damage a big portion of the house. So it is crucial to have the drain fixed by professional plumbers during the first sign of blockages to avoid any of these problems. 

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